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If you’re new to Nākd, you’re probably wondering what makes Nākd so wonderfully special compared to 99% of other snacks and cereal bars you’ll find in the shops...

Have you ever looked at the back of your cereal bar wrapper to see what’s in it? Nearly all so-called ‘healthy’ snack bars undergo intense heat-processing, and are stuffed with sugary syrups and mysterious additives.

A typical cereal bar can contain as many as 30 ingredients, many of which are completely unrecognisable and several of which are actually just various types of sugar. Despite what it says on the pack we all know that these heavily processed, syrup-laden and additive-filled cereal bars are not really ‘healthy’ at all!

Our delicious Nākd Bars and snacks are different.  With many wonderful yummy flavors Nākd bars are a great way to enjoy healthy and nutritious food without leaving taste behind. All of our snack bars are made from only natural ingredients (such as fruits and nuts) which are then smooshed together into a handy dandy little bar. We like to keep things simple, and everything tastes better for it! See for yourself and get Nākd today!