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Eating for two – the best foods to eat when pregnant

Best Food Pregnant

 It’s a truly special time when you’re pregnant and it’s vital to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and diet to ensure that your little one inside gets everything it needs. Sleepless nights may lie ahead, but it’ll all be worth it, we promise! So, here are some food ideas to give your new arrival some top class nourishment.

Babies need breakfast too 

Fortified breakfast cereals high in vitamin B are perfect with almond milk, while oatmeal has slow releasing complex carbohydrates to keep you fuller for longer and lower cholesterol. Just add a sprinkle of chopped nuts for extra flavor and texture. Wholegrain bread is full of fiber and a good source of iron which is extra important for pregnant women.

How about a spot of lunch

Try out pitta bread filled with tofu and delicious crispy salad leaves, hummus with fresh pieces of mouth-watering cucumber or classic baked beans on wholemeal toast for added protein, fiber, iron, folate and lycopene – tasty!

What about dinner?

Starchy foods are a great source of fiber and vitamins, so things like sweet potatoes and brown rice are a good option. Throw in lots of whole grains such as quinoa and add asparagus for a good dose of folate. Tofu is an excellent way to get the extra 10 grams of protein needed, and always try to incorporate lots of fruit and vegetables for essential vitamins and minerals.
Make sure meal times are protein-packed by increasing your intake of pulses, beans and lentils to help get your extra 10g grams of essential daily protein.

Snack heaven

Oranges are vitamin C happy and full of friendly folate and fiber with almost 90 % water! A simple and effective way to help increase your fluid intake - throw in some potassium- filled bananas to help you when you’re feeling tired.
Dried fruit, cranberries and apricots are a great addition with heart-healthy nuts, and almond butter on pita bread is simply amazing. Like everything in life, moderation is important and foods high in sugar and fat such as potato chips, chocolate, cakes and fizzy drinks provide little nutrients and can increase cholesterol in the blood.


Treat yourself to some succulent strawberries that are high in folate, vitamin B and zinc, all essential for a healthy pregnancy, and even more delicious when thrown into a blender with almond milk for a sensational smoothie!

Staying on track!

Remember to include lots of calcium-rich foods in your diet including soya and almond milk and calcium-friendly vegetables such as spinach and soya beans that will complement any meal. Don’t forget fresh crunchy broccoli packed with iron and rich in folate and vitamin C.
Make sure to increase your intake of the natural form of folic acid by eating green leafy vegetables, and if you’re low on vitamin B12, top up with supplements if necessary.
Our list of essential foods, all happy and healthy low-fat varieties, will help you on your wonderful journey to looking and feeling fan-baby-tastic. Bravo!