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Foods to Keep you Fuller for Longer

Energy Foods

So there you are, happily getting on your with your day – its 11am and you suddenly realise that you’re hungry. ‘How can I already be hungry!’ you might think to yourself. ‘I ate like two hours ago!’ Well, the reason for this could be that the food you ate earlier that day is the type that releases its energy far too quickly, leaving you feeling hungry sooner than expected.

By eating foods that release energy slowly, you stand a much better chance of navigating the gaps between meal times, and avoiding reaching for those unhealthy snacks. So what are these foods? Let’s take a look at a few to get you started: 

Keep it simple

The most important thing to think about when choosing your food is that you should try and eat things that have been through as little processing as possible. Put away the potato chips, sugary snack bars and white bread and instead opt for more simple breakfast foods such as oatmeal, fruits and nuts. By eating more raw foods you’ll be promoting better blood sugar balance and digestion which will help you maintain your weight and keep you fuller for longer.

Good carbs and wholegrains

You might have heard that carbs are bad – well, that’s simply not true! Carbohydrates are an essential part of our diets, giving us energy and making sure we stay feeling good. Opt for more complex carbohydrates such as wholegrains which our bodies longer to digest. Foods such as wholemeal bread, barley, oatmeal and brown rice are examples of these complex carbs and not only keep you fuller, but taste awesome too.

Protein is king

Proteins are an essential nutrient that helps our bodies grow, repair and function. What’s more, their complex structures take longer to break down, keeping hunger at bay. For breakfast, why not have some delicious oatmeal with loads of nuts and almond milk – tasty, nutritious and really filling! For lunch or dinner, get some soya into your salad and bridge the gap with one of our Eat Nakd Crunch Bars which are packed with soya crunchies!

Beans are best

One of nature’s superfoods, beans are packed with nutrition, containing a whole bunch of complex carbs, fibre and protein that take longer to digest and leave us feeling great! There are all kinds of beans out there that are delicious, so try out lentils, pinto beans, green beans or black beans to start with and find your favourite!

What we eat has a great impact on how we feel. Here are some Feel Good Foods to keep you happy and healthy. Looking for supernatural nutrition? Check out our article on Superfoods .