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The Amazing Benefits of Oats

Benefits of Oats US

Oats are an integral ingredient to many and hold an array of nutritional qualities. Read on to find out why oats are considered to be one of the best foods you can consume in your diet, particularly to those carrying out an active lifestyle in exercise and fitness routines.

Oats are rich in nutrients

Oats are an awesome source of carbohydrates and fibre, they also contain a generous portion of protein and fat in comparison to other members of the grain food family. If that wasn’t enough, oats are populated with essential vitamins and minerals which are vital sources in a healthy lifestyle. This wealth of nutrients is the reason why oats are held as such valuable ingredients.

Why are oats great for exercise?

Oats are an amazing carbohydrate which is a much sought after ingredient for a work out due to its energising properties. The fact that oats are digested at a slow pace means that consuming them pre-workout will fuel the duration of your workout; this is assisted by the presence of beta-glucan fibre which also helps to regulate blood glucose.

Oats also withhold a large proportion of iron which also aids to process of supplying oxygen to muscles throughout your workout. The inclusion of B vitamins also contributes to its muscle-building reputation; these vitamins help to convert carbs to energy so muscles reap the benefits more efficiently.

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Oats are amazing for controlling weight

Oats regulate the digestion of nutrients which is beneficial to those wanting to keep a more watchful eye on their weight loss or maintenance. Oats also leave you generally feeling fuller for longer which delays any hunger pangs which could lead to unnecessary snacking.  

Oats are high in protein in comparison to other grains

Oats are the ultimate ingredient to compliment a fitness routine due to their high amounts of protein; about 40 grams of oats will give you roughly 7 grams of protein. Merely adding oats to your diet is a fantastic way of boosting your protein intake; the neutral taste of the ingredient gives you the freedom to add it to a variety of meals whether it be breakfast, dinner or dessert.