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Tips for Winter Vegan Cooking

Vegan Christmas Cooking Tips

No one likes the colder weather, but the one thing it has going for it is a whole host of seasonal foods. If you’re looking to eat a little healthier after Christmas, the following winter vegan cooking tips are just the thing you’re looking for! 

  • Instead of boiling your veggies, lightly steam, stir fry or roast them instead to preserve the flavour and nutrients.
  • Make good use of herbs and spices! Additions such as rosemary, thyme, ginger, cumin, fennel and coriander can add a wonderful combination of flavours and even add their own small therapeutic properties to what you’re cooking.
  • This season provides a great selection of tasty produce, so go ahead and stock up on brilliant veggies such as cabbage, onion, pumpkins, carrots, parsnips and sprouts.
  • Winter is a time for lovely warming soups, so create yourself some delicious homemade soups using root vegetables, potatoes and beans. 
  • Make a huge, colourful and delicious salad the next time you throw a dinner party. You’ll be surprised at how many people enjoy grabbing a plateful of fresh, delicious salad. Grate raw winter vegetables such as beetroot, pumpkin, turnips or squashes over the salad and add a tangy vinegar-based dressing. For extra zing, add some lemon juice or cider vinegar which can also help with digestion.
  • Fruits also play their part, and add a nice decorative touch to a home at the same time. Choose clementines, kiwis, plums and pears in bowls together with cracked nuts such as pecans, almonds and walnuts.

So there are just a few ideas to get you started. By following the above tips and applying some of your own creativity you can enjoy a vegan new year that’s vibrant, tasty and healthy.