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An Introduction to Compound Lifts

An introduction to compound lifts US

If you’re looking to work on large amounts of muscle groups at one time then compound lifts are a great place to start. Compound lifts bring your whole body together to work in unison and have a larger spread of benefits in comparison to isolated exercises which focus on one muscle group at a time. The wide-reaching exercise is also beneficial for everyday tasks such as lifting heavy objects or for sports where you need great core strength – overall, it gives you more variety.  

Here are four great compound lift exercises for you to try out.


One of the best exercises for gaining mass and strengthening major muscle groups – deadlifts are regard as an essential weightlifting exercise. In order to deadlift, you’ll have to add your weights to a bar (be sure to begin with nothing at all until you’ve mastered the technique and work your way up), then bend over to grip the bar without bending at the leg, then bend you knees and pull breathing in as you do until you’re standing up straight with the weight – lower the bar back to the floor in the same style and repeat.


Squats can form a great foundation for the development of your whole body when performed properly. The exercise puts works a range of muscles including those on your upper back, lower back alongside your arms, chest and shoulders. The squat is carried out by resting the bar across your upper back and shoulders – you’ll then bend your knees and lower your body before rising back to the standing position.

Bench Press

The bench press is an effective workout for the upper body as it focusses on the triceps, shoulders and back. To bench press you need to lie down on a bar bench with your feet flat on the floor and your back flat against the cushion, squeeze your shoulders and tense your back whilst you lift the bar off the rack – push up slowly and lower it back towards your chest. Master your control over the weight by working your way up so you can reap the full benefits – you can begin to do this by slowly pushing and lowering the bar in order to allow your muscle fibres to stretch out fully; dropping the bar quickly cuts out half the workout!


Dips are a wonderful means of making use of your bodyweight for workout – it engages your chest and triceps but also has a secondary focus on your forearms and lower back. In order to perform this exercise correctly, position yourself on the dip machine with your arms locked and gripping the handles provided. When you descend and rise, bend at the knee and cross your legs, when lifting yourself back up, you can do so by tensing your shoulders and triceps.

This basic guide to compound lifts and what they offer hopefully inspire you to explore these exercises further – there are plenty of videos online that demonstrate compound lifts which are helpful to understand and mimic all the intricate movements. 

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