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Be Weightless! Anti-Gravity Yoga

Anti-gravity yoga

We love a bit of Yoga here at Natural Balance Foods and love learning about all of the new and exciting ways people are finding their inner peace and getting a good workout. Well how about instead of doing it on the floor, why not suspend from the ceiling instead! With Anti-gravity yoga, you can do just that - hang around and read on to find out more!

Who came up with it?

The workout was created by former Broadway star and gymnast, Christopher Harrison who turned his love of acrobatics into the exercise regime it is today. Having discovered the benefits of traditional yoga during his studies in India, he took the general principles back with him and turned it all upside down – literally.

Harrison founded Antigravity Inc. in 1991 and over the course of a few years developed the brand’s signature silk hammock which is the key to the whole exercise, helping people hang from the ceiling in a cocoon to perform various positions and stretches.

How does it work exactly?

Although each individual instructor will have their own positions, the broad principle stays the same each time. You’ll be hoisted up in a silk hammock where you’ll hang and begin your session. Your instructor will then start to take you through a series of positions and posture that stretches and balances your joints, core and muscles for a full-body exercise.

What are the benefits?

First and foremost, anti-gravity yoga is fun! There’s nothing quite like being in a room with others, hanging from the ceiling and having a good laugh which is a fantastic stress-buster. On the fitness side of things, it’s definitely an effective workout as it engages a good range of muscle groups in your body and helps stretch out your joints to leave you limber and energised. As there is a lot of balancing involved, your core is also going to be put through its paces and you’ll become more flexible.

Sounds good right? We definitely recommend giving this a go if you’re looking for a new fitness avenue to explore. Because of its growing popularity you should be able to find classes nearby – book yourself a session and prepare to get weightless!