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Quick exercises you can do anytime, anywhere

exercises you can do anytime anywhere US

With everything else in life demanding so much attention, it can be difficult to establish a daily workout routine. Luckily for you, we’ve picked out some quick and easy bodyweight workouts that can be performed anytime, anywhere and are subtle enough to sneak into your daily routine – no more excuses! They are quick to do, and performing them on a daily basis will help you to feel a difference, especially in your core strength and balance.

Stand up for your health

Do you ever have to partake in long phone calls at work? Moments like this are the perfect opportunity to engage in some muscle-flexing activity. Try standing up whilst on your calls rather than sitting slouched at your desk for the duration of it. Standing burns more calories and gets your muscles moving, something which can sometimes be challenging to do at a 9-5 office job. Feeling a bit sluggish come mid-afternoon? Try standing or going for a walk around the office and it will also boost your energy levels!

A quick workout perfect for the office environment!

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Flamingo Brushing

We’re all familiar with the unique stance of a flamingo, balanced on one leg in shallow water; this actually helps them to conserve energy and heat. It has a slightly different impact for humans, standing on one leg helps to strengthen you core and lower spinal muscles. This in turn, improves your balance and helps create symmetry throughout your hips. Try this when waiting for the bus or brushing your teeth, you should be aiming for around 10 minutes per day. Requiring little time dedication, this is another subtle move you can slip into your daily workout plan.

Knees up

What if we told you that there was a way to target your abs, glutes, quads and calves in one simple bodyweight workout?

Well, ‘high knees’ is a plyometric exercise which engages several muscle groups at once. Stand with your feet hip width apart, place your hands pointing outwards just above your hips. Quickly bring your right knee up meeting your right hand with a hopping motion, and repeat for the left leg. As you alternate, stay on the balls of your feet and engage your core as you drive your legs up.

This is an exercise for the morning before work or for later at night!

Take the Lunge

Lunges are a great body weight exercise for toning and strengthening your lower body. It targets virtually all the muscles in your legs in addition to your abs and lower back, as they are keeping you balanced whilst you alternate legs. You can easily fit lunges into your daily routine, it requires just a small space and zero specialist equipment; try fitting this into your TV viewing schedule or when you’re waiting for dinner to cook.

Start by pushing your shoulders back and chin up. Take a big step with one leg until both knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. There should be a straight line from your front knee to your ankle, make sure your knee is not over your toes. Make sure your back knee isn’t touching the ground and that your core is engaged. Keep your weight in your front heel and remember to keep your back straight as you push back up to standing.

If you want to challenge yourself further, try adding some weights to the workout, increasing the number of reps you are doing or place your back foot on an elevated surface. 

Keep pushing on

Looking to tone your chest, arms, shoulders and abs? Try incorporating push ups into your daily workout routine. Push ups are great for strengthening your upper body and like all of these exercises, they can be done anywhere. Being a compound exercise, push-ups engage several muscle groups.  

Start by placing your hands on the floor just wider than shoulder width apart. Try to keep your core tight and your back flat, your body should be in a straight line from the top of your head to your feet. With your arms straight, steadily lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle or smaller. Try to keep your arms close to your body. Push up with your arms until they are straight again and repeat as many as you can until you feel your form slip. If you find this difficult, try going onto your knees instead of your feet.

Push-ups also give you that much needed energy boost by getting the blood flowing and releasing endorphins. Time to put down the coffee and try push ups instead!

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