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5 Great Ways to Exercise with Friends

Fitness Tips with Friends

Trying to think of fun ways to get fit? There are loads of fun fitness activities out there that don’t have to involve a gym membership - you just have to be imaginative! The best part is that you don’t have to do it alone – get a group of friends together any try one (…if not all) of these exciting fitness ideas below and find the one that suits you best!

Outdoor swimming

Swimming is a great full body workout and tones all of the major muscle groups. If you’re a confident swimmer, and you have a pool local to you, then why not test the waters to release some adrenaline for a natural buzz.

  • Fitness tip - Swimming works a lot of muscles so it is very important that you stretch these beforehand, especially your arms and shoulders.

Go for a hike

This is a great group activity! Get your friends together and plan a route, make it fun and try to go to new places. Best part is you’ll be too busy admiring the scenery to notice all the calories you’re burning. Get your sensible hiking shoes ready and pack plenty of supplies, including water, food and possibly a few plasters. This outdoor activity is re-energizing, refreshing and is just what you need to avoid that treadmill.

  • Fitness tip - Picking a route that includes lots of hilly terrain will be more beneficial as it’ll give you maximum workout potential.

Reach New Heights

There are plenty of rock-climbing centers out there, and they aren’t just for kids! A great way to work out a whole bunch of muscles, most centers even offer lessons for you to build your confidence before hitting the heights.

  • Fitness tip - Stretchy fabric will be the best choice for this activity; you’ll want to be able to stretch as far as possible.

Hit the ice

Ice skating is lots of fun in a group, and is something you can do all year round. Grab a pair of skates and whiz yourself around the rink to some uplifting pop music. Don’t forget your camera for this one, there’ll be a lot of excitement to capture!

  • Fitness tip - If there are no ice rinks near you, see if there are any roller blading opportunities instead!

Play ball

This is an easy one and doesn’t take much planning. Take all your friends and family to the park and pick a game! Whether it is baseball, soccer or basketball, having a couple of relaxed games will burn just as many calories as a gym session, without needing to count the minutes.

  • Fitness tip - Sports which require bursts of speed, such as soccer are great exercise as they are a form of interval training.