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Five Fantastic Active Hobby Ideas

hobby ideas

So here we are in the New Year! If one of your resolutions is to get in better shape you might want to do more than the standard gym or jogging. If you’re one of those people who find exercise a little on the dull side, don’t worry - There are all kinds of things you can do that are both fun, and get you moving!

Hobbies are a great way to get in shape, meet people and become a more rounded person. Here are a few ideas that might be up your alley: 

Tennis and squash

Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than giving a ball a good smack with a racquet and running around a court. Both tennis and squash bring a fun and competitive element to your exercise and make for great hobbies as your skill increases. They are also a form of interval training because you will stop and start so much, which means they are fantastic exercise as well.


If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, gardening might just be your thing. You may be thinking that gardening seems a little low impact, but once you consider all of the digging, weeding, planting and mowing, it actually provides a varied and effective workout. It can also be really therapeutic, and seeing plants that you have cultivated from seeds can be very satisfying, so get your green fingers going!

Rock climbing

For those who like something with a challenge, rock climbing is a very popular hobby that’s not only great exercise, but can be immensely rewarding upon completion of a tough wall. As well as being a fun social experience, rock climbing trains your upper body, core and leg muscles all at the same time and really gets your heart pumping. It also boosts brain function as finding places to put your hands and feet takes a degree of problem solving.


With so many different ways to boogie out there, you’re bound to find something you love. If you prefer something frantic and energetic, why not give Zumba a shot, or if you favour something a little more old-school, sign up for some stylish swing-dancing! Getting up on your feet and jamming to music in a social setting is fantastic exercise and is also super fun, meaning you won’t get bored easily. Have a look online and you’re sure to find all kinds of groups nearby.

Hiking and cycling

If you live near some larger outdoor areas, going for long bike rides and hikes can be a lot of fun! It’s a big world out there and immersing yourself in Mother Nature can be really enjoyable. Planning a bike ride or a hike can be a group activity, and because of the terrain you encounter you’ll end up burning calories, working a good range of muscles and enjoying fresh air at the same time