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Five fitness trends for 2016

2015 Fitness Trends

The best part about staying in shape is that there are so many ways to do it! Whether you’re on the floor stretching with a bit of yoga or running through the hills, your body is spoilt for choice when it comes to fitness options. Every year we see a number of fitness trends come to play and 2016 will be no different! Here is what we think might be on the cards next year for fitness fans…

Wearable tech

If you’ve been out for a jog or in a gym recently, you’ve probably noticed a few people with bands around their wrists, shoulders or checking their phones regularly. Wearable tech is going to continue its rise to essential gym equipment in 2016 with fitness trackers, heart-rate monitors, pedometers, smart watches and gps-enabled gizmos. The wearable tech market is now worth billions and app developers are constantly creating and updating software to help people plan their workouts and track their progress in real-time. Pretty cool!

Tabata and insanity

Interval training has been around for a while, but it’s the different applications that are really taking hold in fitness circle. A favourite among those looking for maximum impact in a short amount of time, Tabata training and Insanity are just a few options. The idea behind these is that you do a series of short exercise bursts that don’t need equipment for almost every day of the week. It’s not recommended for beginners but with how time-poor we all are these days, it’s a good solution to get fit quickly.

Body weight training

Just like other trends of yesteryear, bodyweight training is coming back into the limelight as the age-old classic it always was. Getting in shape doesn’t have to be complicated – if you are stuck for time or don’t fancy joining a gym or class, you can get a good workout at home using just your body.  Tried and true exercises such as push-ups, squats, planks and sit-ups can be done just about anywhere and are an effective, minimalist approach to fitness.

More yoga

We’ve already posted a few articles about yoga, and for good reason too! This ancient tradition has become a very popular exercise method for people looking for peace of mind as well as body. Using a range of specific bodily postures there are now a whole bunch of different disciplines which include everything from Bikram, Ashtanga and Kundalini through to more unusual types such as anti-gravity yoga and even laughter yoga!

Circuit training

Why would you want to do just one exercise when you can do 5 or more instead? Circuit training is all about switching things up and keeping you on your toes. Targeting all areas of the body including the core, arms, legs, glutes and back, circuit training improves flexibility, cardiovascular health, strength and stamina all in one go. It does this by moving you through a number of different exercises in short bursts that target different areas of the body and is guaranteed to make you sweat!