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Four Fantastic Types of Yoga

5 Different Types of Yoga

It’s time to break out the yoga mat and enjoy a new way to of feeling great! Yoga has been around for centuries, helping people from all around to world achieve better physical and mental balance. If you’ve always wanted to give yoga a shot, but feel a little overwhelmed at the sheer amount of different types, fear not! We are here to look at a few different variations to consider…


This is one of the most popular forms of yoga in the west and gives participants a great combination of movement, breathing exercises and mental focus. A good starting place for beginners, there is a very distinct flow of movement from one posture to another and brings a great deal of benefits for people at all levels.


This form of yoga is especially popular for those looking to give their muscles a real challenge as well as testing endurance, flexibility and overall fitness levels. It may seem tough at first, but you’ll feel like a million bucks afterwards. One thing we would recommend is that you don’t forget your sweat band because rooms are often heated to 40°C!

Hot pod

Even though it might look like something out of a sci-fi movie, hot pod yoga gives you a pretty good workout by using Vinyasa yoga movements inside an inflatable pod. Although it is less intense than Bikram, you can still burn upwards of 700 calories per session – perfect for those who are looking to sweat out and clear the pores as well.

Laughter yoga

Feeling good is no laughing matter! Laughter yoga is an increasingly popular form of yoga where participants all get together in a room for a session of laughter. This form of yoga helps the body produce and release a great deal of endorphins and other feel-good hormones, as well as working on the cardiovascular system as well. Give it a go – it’s really fun and you feel amazing afterwards!

Of course, these are just a few suggestions – there are dozens of different yoga types out there for you to try – do some research, join a local group and find one that works for you.