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Fun Activities: Alternatives To The Gym

Fun Workouts US

When we think of a place to workout, we often think of the gym. However, there are many ways to reap the same benefits outside of the gym environment.

We’ve rounded up a selection of fun activities and workouts that are miles away from the first thing that’ll come to mind when you think of exercising, but equips you with a substantial workout matching the gym. We often talk about mindfulness here at Natural Balance Foods - the basic principle is about finding a different perspective by trying new things; introducing a new style of exercise to your routine can be considered a way of practicing mindfulness. 

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

If you’re an outdoors-type, then this is the exercise for you! Not only will you reap the benefits of the sport, you’ll also be able to take in some beautiful natural vistas out on the open water.

It consists of standing upright on a board using an oar to glide through the water, imagine captaining a Venetian boat but without the straw hat, striped shirt or gondola. Balance is a focal skill you’ll need for paddle boarding which in return gives you a full body workout; as it’s also a low-impact exercise there aren’t many ways you can contract an injury from the workout. The environment on the open water should also give you a peaceful and relaxed sensation away from the hubbub of working life.

Aerial Yoga

This exercise is still yoga, it’s just unlike you’ve ever seen it before. This is a wonderful full-body workout which sees participants using a hammock to pull shapes that aren’t achievable from the mat. It’s a particularly great exercise for those with back problems as it's demanding of your spine and hips which most bodyweight exercises use. There are also positions such as hanging upside down which will allow you to stretch out your spine.

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Pole Dancing

Despite the association with a certain type of club, pole dancing is in fact a fantastic exercise for your core muscle groups. Winding and pivoting around the pole works your leg, arm, back and abdominal muscles. The workout also demands and in turn improves flexibility and coordination. This newfound alternative workout has received a boost in popularity in recent years meaning that facilities are becoming more readily available.


You may have seen versions of this alternative workout in movies set in the middle ages. Fencing was developed as a sport in the 18th century for soldiers who would traditionally have been involved in combat. Agility is the main skill you’ll need for this exercise – speedy light, nimble reflexes and movements will be needed to defeat your opponent. As well as a physical battle, it’s also an exercise for the mind, you’ll need to pre-empt the movements of your opponent to be in with a chance of winning.

Find a Fencing club near you on USA Fencing.


This is a quick, fun and exciting sport which will have you leaping and laughing around the court. You’ll need to be fast on your feet to duck, dip, dive and dodge the balls from the other team. The sport is actually considered to be a form of Interval Training with its demand for short bursts of sprinting and weaving. It’s a fun, all-encompassing sport you can play with anybody – there’s no specific skillsets required to play.

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