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How to use adrenaline in exercise

How to use adrenaline in exercise

Adrenaline is mainly linked with extreme sports like skydiving and situations which requires a ‘fight or flight’ response, however, the hormone can be harnessed through an exercise to encourage focus, a positive mood and focus in the day ahead. Keep scrolling to discover more about the role of adrenaline, as well as its biological functions and how you can best use it.

What is adrenaline?

Adrenaline is scientifically known as epinephrine. Adrenaline is created in the wake of stress on the body from the adrenal glands (located near the kidney) and runs into the bloodstream.

What is its role?

Adrenaline has been one of the key elements to human being’s survival. Epinephrine activates in stressful and dangerous situations, such as may be the case when being hunted or when greeting a particularly deadly situation. The hormone enhances our abilities – we receive more oxygen in our muscles and more blood flow to the brain as a result of expanded blood vessels and air passages. This gives us increased alertness and quicker reactions.  

How can we utilize it in exercise?  

Despite not being conscious of it, we’re building adrenaline up all the time, whether it’s a little stress at home or pressure at work. If these pockets of adrenaline built go unused then it can in fact become dangerous in extreme courses; you can experience deep feelings of anxiety and stress which can become detrimental to your normal bodily functions including your digestion and immune system. This is the reason why exercise holds a more important purpose beyond merely building muscles; it’s also a great way to use this adrenaline which therefore relieves stress.

To reap the rewards from exercise and make proper use of the built-up adrenaline, you need to keep intensity and focus in you approach. Focus on the muscles you’re using in each exercise – this assists progress but also encourages and engages adrenaline. Your muscles also need to remain engaged which can be achieved by keeping to a consistent pattern of exercise – cut your rest breaks down to around 30 – 60 seconds to offer more consistency. Our obsessions with our smartphones often crosses over into the gym environment with many people taking too much rest; this is damaging to progress, that being said – never underestimate the importance of resting!

Access your adrenaline supply through high-intensity training like HIIT. Summed up, this is a condensed workout requiring you to deliver intense periods of exercise in small bursts in between rest periods. You can find out more about the exercise in our article breaking down what is interval training and why is it so great?

When partaking in this intense style of training, it’s important to keep your body topped up with the necessary nutrients, particularly protein. Luckily our Nakd Protein Crunch Bars are a great way of accessing protein post-workout for muscle recovery. Why not try the Nakd Cocoa Protein Crunch Bar to get you started? You can also read more fitness and exercise tips in the fitness section of our blog.