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Jump it off! Awesome dance workouts

Dance Workouts

If you aren’t somebody who gets their fitness kicks out of standard exercise routines such as lifting weights or running then perhaps something a little more vibrant and exciting could tickle your interests – a dance workout for instance. Take your dancing shoes beyond the dancefloor and into a daily fitness routine – it gets you moving and assists you in building muscle, stripping away fat and is a whole lot of fun as well! Here are a few types you can try:

BodyArt Training

Mixing together yoga, dance, physiotherapy and Tai Chi, BodyArt is a bodyweight exercise designed to be executed at a slow pace. BodyArt incorporates cardio, strength and flexibility in one neat package as opposed to other programmes which have a more limited range of focuses. The exercise aims to create ‘harmony between body and mind’ making it the perfect physical remedy to reduce stress, improve flexibility, build muscle and burn fat.


The art of the Bokwa dance was birthed in Los Angeles inspired by Hip-Hop culture. It’s an effective cardio exercise and once you’re familiar with the moves – it could become your new party trick. The collision of alternate South-African dance and step aerobics makes for a high energy routine which will leave you feeling accomplished in sweats. The dancers create their own unique movements inspired by the different shapes of numbers and letters meaning you control the intensity of the workout.

Bollywood Workout

If you are familiar with the Bollywood scene then you’ll be accustomed to the fast pace and vibrant colors. This workout takes the genre’s energy and makes it into an enjoyable exercise routine incorporating the upbeat dance style orchestrated by the vibrant Bollywood beats. This workout will not only carve you into shape but is extraordinary fun and could get you nominated for a Boscar!   


Pound is a quick and pacey workout which irons out any boredom which comes with usual exercise. Conjured by two female drummers, you’ll be getting stuck in to rhythm by drumming along to thundering music generating a high-intensity cardio workout which is proficient in toning muscle, breaking down fat and disintegrating stress. The exercise lingers in an up-down squat movement and will have you locked in to focus whilst working your muscles consistently for the duration.

Animal Flow

This is for the hardcore exercise folk looking to get in touch with their primal instincts in this intense workout. Animal Flow will reveal the muscles which you never knew you harnessed. The workout has you dancing with gravity where you’ll have to stay as low as possible throughout. Along the way you’ll meet elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, Brazilian capoeira and breakdancing. Whilst it sounds quite full-on, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you pick it up!