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Our Top 5 Tips for Better Jogging!

jogging Tips for the Summer

Jogging is great exercise and is ideal for those of us who may not have the time to go for full-on exercise regimes, because life has a habit of getting in the way!

If the weather is great and you have some spare time (even 20 minutes will do) get out there and go for a jog. The best part is that you can do it just about anywhere – around the neighbourhood, in a park or even town centers (but watch out for pedestrians!). Sound good? Great – here are some tips for you to get the most from your jog:

1 – Do your stretches!

Sure, you aren’t about to run the marathon, but doing your stretches is pretty important to make sure you’re ready to exercise. It only takes a few minutes but it gets your body in a position to absorb the impact and efficiently use your legs. Once you’ve finished your jog, give your legs another quick and gentle stretch and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

2 – Wear the right stuff

Pretty obvious, but don’t go out and jog in jeans and work-shoes. You’re just going to hurt yourself and people might think you’re a bit of an oddball. Wearing the correct kit when out for a jog will not only keep you light and cool, but may well help prevent injury, especially when it comes to what you have on your feet. Get some good sneakers with cushioning, some tracksuit pants and a loose t-shirt to give you airflow in hotter weather.

3 – Do it your way

Jogging can be as fun as you make it! Instead of going out there and trotting until you get bored, make it interesting for yourself. Set some mini goals as you go along; for instance try and get to that lamp-post in the distance, or count to 30 when you are about to take a rest. Music really helps too and finding your steps hitting the same beat is an awesome feeling and makes you go just that little bit harder.

4 – Take a break

Once your jogging routine is up and running and you’ve finally found your groove, it’s a common mistake for many beginners to burn themselves out too quickly. Whilst jogging more frequently is making you healthier, your body can take time to adapt to its new workout regime, and overstepping your threshold can resort in an injury which could put you out for several weeks. Make sure to have a few days of the week off for your body to properly recuperate, and remember that sometimes looking after it with rest is as important as the exercise itself.

5 – Celebrate your efforts

One of the best things about jogging is that you can go as fast or as slow as you like, depending on your ability. No one’s an expert jogger on their first try, so if you’re a little slow or need to take a few walking rests, don’t sweat it. It’ll take some time, but it’s a really great feeling when you feel yourself improving. Simply getting yourself out the door is a great start and isn’t as easy as some people think – sticking to a routine is even harder, so kudos on staying consistent! Keep it up!

So there you go – a few tips on starting your way to jogging heaven. Remember to have fun and think positively. One last thing to remember; if you’re exercising, your body will need energy, so what better way to give it the power it needs from one of our Eat Nakd bars that are packed with protein and super-natural goodness.