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Saddle Up! Why Cycling is Great

Cycling Mind and Body

Strap on your helmet, fill up your water bottle and get yourself onto two wheels! Cycling is a brilliant way to get some low-impact cardio exercise under your belt, and is a lot of fun too; there’s nothing quite like going out for a ride in a nice green area, enjoying the view and challenging yourself on some of the steeper hills – you might also get the chance to ring a little bell which is more fun than it should be. So what exactly makes cycling so great? Let’s take a look...

Low impact, high exertion 

When you cycle, you’re able to get a whole-body workout that doesn’t have the same stress on your joints and bones as running does. Instead of your poor feet hitting the concrete every second, all you need to do is pedal, which makes it the perfect exercise for those who have less mobility or joint problems. What’s more, it exercises a whole bunch of muscles to keep yourself balanced, as well as moving forward – your core, stomach, back and leg muscles all get a taste of the action.

Fun for free

What good is exercise if you don’t enjoy it? If you’re not having fun, then it becomes a chore and nobody wants that. There’s nothing like jumping on your bicycle and going out for a ride – the feeling of freedom, the speed and the fresh air all make for a great time. If you live near open spaces and beautiful green areas you should give it a go. Take a leisurely pace and enjoy the view, or fly down some hills (but don’t hit anyone of course).

It’s good for you and the environment

Fresh air and exercise aside, cycling also has a low impact on the environment. Once you get a taste for it, cycling can replace a number of transport options you may have used previously. Not only will you save some cash over time, but you’ll kill two birds with one stone and get some good exercise out of it as well.

Cycling is social

If there’s one thing that can be said about cyclists, it’s that they are passionate about what they do. If you want to take up the hobby, you’ll find all kinds of local clubs and organisations that go out together and enjoy themselves as a group. Once you’ve gotten used to the basics, join your new friends on longer-distance adventures and embrace your new two-wheeled treasure.
So hopefully we’ve convinced you that cycling is good for both mind and body. Getting a bike is easy enough, there will be plenty of second-hand ones available from online classifieds and they really won’t cost that much. Just make sure you lock it up and wear a helmet!