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Splash your way healthy! The benefits of swimming

Benefits of Swimming

So you want to work out – that’s great! So, do you start with the arms? How about the legs? What about the core? Well, if you can’t decide, then maybe swimming is for you. Getting in the pool and hitting some laps is a great way to get in shape, blow off some steam and feel superb!

Full body workout!

When in a swimming pool you’re using pretty much every muscle in your body to keep yourself upright and afloat, not to mention the workout when you actually start doing some laps! Even if you are just floating around you’ll still need to move your arms and legs which gives the heart and lungs a gentle workout. Another cool thing about swimming is that if you did want to focus on a particular muscle group, you can! Different swimming styles such as backstroke, breastroke or butterfly will focus on certain muscles such as the chest, back and core.

Great for your weight!

As you are moving so many muscles, swimming is great for weight maintenance and loss, depending on your goals. If just staying afloat is keeping your cardiovascular system going, imagine the benefits if you were to pull and push yourself through the water for 30 minutes. Since you don’t sweat and swimming is kind to your joints, it doesn’t quite feel as difficult as a run or stint on the rowing machine.

Low impact for high results!

There’s a reason why swimming is used extensively for rehabilitation and for those who are less mobile. As you’re in water, your body weight is reduced by as much as 90% which means that anyone with limited ability can still get the movement they need. Whilst sports, weightlifting, running and other exercises are still very good for you, they can have an impact on your muscles and joints. Swimming completely negates this as you’re pretty much weightless in the water.

At the end of the day, even if you’re jumping in the pool for a splash instead of a workout, it’s still a lot of run! Float around, have a splash-fight or throw a ball around. You’ll still get the benefits and it won’t feel like a chore.

Remember, exercise isn’t about doing something you don’t want; it’s about finding something you enjoy with the added bonus that it’s healthy. Just remember - please, no speedos!