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Tracking your workout progress

Measuring Workout Progress US

Keeping an eye on your health and fitness progress is an incredibly important part of leading an active lifestyle. It provides motivation when things are going well, direction when things are heading the wrong way and a valuable insight into your performance and overall aims.

The three month mark is a telling hurdle in a workout routine. We witness the most significant physical changes in the first few months – we humans like to see cause and effect and when those changes become less obvious after this period we naturally become less motivated to head back for mores sessions. You give yourself more of an incentive when tracking your fitness progress whether it’s through fitness apps, activity trackers or any other method.

Here are several ways you can best track your workout progress.

Establishing your goals

Heading into a workout plan without an aim leads to muddled results unlike a plan built on a focussed goal. If you’re still searching for yours then you should ask yourself the following questions:

Do I want to get stronger?

Do want to improve my endurance?

Do I want to lose weight?

‘Overall fitness’ doesn’t work as a goal – it’s too vague. A specific goal will get you a lot further and can be altered further down the line once you hit your target. That way you end up with a series of specific goals. If you were looking to improve overall fitness then you should look to exercise big muscles groups such as your core which improves your general fitness and posture.

Keep a fitness journal

Once you begin your workout it’s easy to get swept up in the routine to the point where it becomes second nature. In order to thrive in your fitness, you must be able to adapt and change too so you can reach and smash your goals.

This is a bit of an ‘old-school’ approach but proves the most effective. Keeping a journal of your routines, weight and diet can be incredibly valuable information when you’re looking to progress in your health and fitness. It also gives you a good insight into what you should be changing or cranking up. The reason we’re suggesting this ‘old-school’ approach is because physically writing out information such as this helps us to retain and recall more accurately. This in turn keeps you focussed on your goal.


Have you ever taken a selfie? Some people take them all the time but a majority of people feel a little uncomfortable taking them. Regardless, this is a fantastic way of documenting your progress. You’ll be able to see physical changes between months which will keep you motivated on your path. So, embrace your inner vanity and get snapping!


If you’re willing to spend a little on your health and fitness then there’s some fantastic tech you can invest in to track your progress too. The TomTom Spark 3 watch is widely viewed as one of the best products due to its varying features which allows you to monitor progress in relation to different sports, it also offers route navigation as well as a function to track and measure personalised workouts.

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