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What’s the best time of day to work out?


We all lead busy lives but it’s important that we find just a little bit of time in the day for some exercise! Depending on your daily routine, this might be in the morning, afternoon or evening but is there actually a time where it’s best? Of course any exercise you can get is a good thing but you might find you’re actually a morning person without even realizing it!

For the early birds

If you’re usually busy during the day and usually go out to enjoy the evenings, the morning may be the best time for you to get out there and work up a sweat. For a lot of us, getting home after a hard day at work is more about relaxing and taking it easy instead of exercising, especially if the thought of dinner is stuck in your head!

If you exercise in the morning, you’re kick-starting your metabolism early which will remain working at a quicker pace for the rest of the day and burning energy more efficiently. This can help with weight loss because you will be exercising on an empty stomach, meaning the energy stored in your body as fat will be used up. If you do manage to get up and go in the morning, you’ll feel more energetic for the rest of the day and have the evenings free!

Afternoon or evening

Waking up earlier may not be for everyone, especially if you’re one of those people who treasure every minute they can get in bed. Well that’s ok! Working out in the afternoons or evenings still bring about a whole load of benefits as long as you stay consistent and put in the effort.

One advantage for later in the day is that our muscles have had more time to loosen up and get the blood flowing after being sedentary overnight. Another benefit is that testosterone levels (for both men and women) are higher as we go on through the day. Having higher testosterone levels contribute to better overall performance and stamina when working out, helping us hit higher levels and maintaining them for better results.

It’s all about what works for you

Of course, any exercise is always good so by all means do it when it suits you best. For instance, if you’re doing weight training, it’s better to do it later in the day as your muscles will be more flexible, and you’ll have more stored energy from the day’s food. In contrast, mild cardio can be done at a lower and more sustainable level in the morning where it’s better suited. Ultimately, just listen to what your body is telling you and stay consistent! Don’t forget to stretch and warm-up!