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Which Body Type Are You?

Which Body Type Are You? US

Humans come in a variation of shapes and sizes but we all generally can be considered to belong to one of the three main body types. These are referred to as Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph body shapes. Having knowledge of your body type can be incredibly beneficial to your exercise and dieting plans allowing you to tailor your approach.

So, are you an Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph? What can you do with the information? Find out below:


Ectomorphs can be identified by their slender and tall frame; generally speaking, they have a high metabolism and are below-average weight. This pairing causes issues and setbacks in the process of building muscle.

If any of you ectomorphs out there are looking to bulk up on some muscle then cut down on your cardio and take up some compound lifts. Consistent and speedy bursts of exercise are ideal for this body type, overdoing it will only cause you to shed even more weight.

Aim for a diet high in carbs, fat and protein if you’re looking to bulk up your muscle. Protein is key to this being especially effective in fuelling the recovery cycle post-workout which is particularly important to an ectomorph’s low muscle mass. Carbs also encourage a starchy and wholesome build-up. Discover more at our article on post-exercise recovery foods.


Mesomorphs are generally determined by their naturally bulky and built frame, due to their already ideal body structure building muscle is an easy process but there’s always ways to optimise your workout further.

For those mesomorphs looking to build-out and encourage the building of muscle, a good balance of high-intensity interval/cardio training and strength building is recommended. This balance is imperative due to the consequences of overdoing strength training which would ultimately allow fat to build up; this process would be trumped by the focus on interval/cardio training.

As opposed to endomorph and ectomorph dietary routines, a mesomorph’s diet requires a strict grasp on balance. For this to be achieved take up a middle-ground and mixed diet of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.


Endomorphs have larger bone structures so naturally hold a higher volume of body mass and body fat.

Endomorphs own a sluggish and slow metabolism drastically opposed to the rapid metabolism of an ectomorph; this requires a much faster and harder approach to exercise. Short, intense cardio mixed with a focus on weightlifting will reap the most reward for endomorph body types.

Endomorphs possess an excellent storage for energy. Plan out a diet consisting of higher levels of protein and fats with a lower volume of carbs. Endomorphs have a low tolerance of carbs so should only be used to replenish energy post-workout.

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