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Why you should train CrossFit!

Fitness - Cross Fit

CrossFit was first brought into the world several decades ago by Coach Greg Glassman who sought to find a way to incorporate a variety of fitness aspects into one optimized workout. Essentially CrossFit tackles both the body’s strength and conditioning through several varied workouts which aim to work the whole body in different ways.

The purpose of CrossFit training isn’t necessarily to achieve one specific fitness goal such as getting bigger or improving your long-distance stamina, but to build towards a level of strength and conditioning which improves all aspects of fitness.

A typical week of CrossFit training could include high-intensity interval training one day, followed the next day by plyometrics, calisthenics or even Olympic weightlifting. As the training is so varied it means you never get bored and as you’re constantly doing new things it prevents your training from hitting a plateau.

Are you a good fit for CrossFit?

The truth is, if you’re not willing to put the effort in during your workouts and push towards a healthier lifestyle then CrossFit perhaps isn’t for you. This doesn’t necessarily mean you already have to be a fitness freak to take part in CrossFit training; no matter what level of fitness you currently have, as long as you’re willing to train hard, keep a positive attitude and challenge yourself you will succeed. If you’re a beginner you’ll start with an easier workout and then build your fitness up so you can tackle harder sessions. The aim of CrossFit is to constantly keep moving forward, so regardless of where you are on the fitness scale the only way is up!

For the best workout you’ll want to be in a group of no more than 10 people so that the instructor can spend more time with you and make sure that you’re correctly performing each exercise. Another great thing about a group of this size is that you’ll meet some great people who share the same goals and interests as yourself. Not only this, but you can spur each other on when the sweat really gets going!

So, what will a session look like?

We’re not going to lie; your first few sessions will likely be tough. In order to prepare you for the variety of training you’ll undertake there will most probably be lots of stretches and basic strength and technique training to tap into muscles you may have not used in years. As a result of your lungs becoming more efficient at utilizing oxygen, after a few sessions your body will learn to cope much better with the types of workouts your taking and it might never be as hard as those first few sessions!

Remember the purpose of CrossFit is to keep challenging yourself, so if you think you might be walking through workouts by week 5 then think again! We should also note that because muscle outweighs fat you might see a slight weight gain on the scales in the initial period, however whilst the scales might say one thing the mirror will say another!

So why not give it a go? Not only will you get fit and healthy, you’ll also likely meet some fantastic people who share the some interests as you. Trust us, it’s fun!