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Boost your immune system

immune system

Winter is fast approaching and the cold, icy weather is beginning to show its face a little more than we would like! If you’re feeling the chill, bundling up is a good move but is only half the battle if you want to stay feeling happy and healthy.

Lucky for you your body has quite a crafty arrangement going on to help prevent you catching the sniffles – your immune system! Everyone has one, but its effectiveness at killing off germs is largely down to how you treat your body. If you want to stay bug free over the holiday season then here are a few immune boosting tricks to help keep your body in tip-top shape!

Eating the right foods

When it comes to supporting your body’s natural defenses, what you eat can have a significant impact on your ability to fight off common winter illnesses. Vitamin C is one of the building blocks of your immune system and if you’re serious about staying sick free then stock up. Citrus fruits like oranges might be the obvious choice but there are actually other foods which contain much more!

From leafy greens such as broccoli and kale, to spicy chili peppers and delicious pineapple, there are tons of different fruits and vegetables which are full of antioxidants and important vitamins that keep your immune system in check. Stick with a fresh, wholefood diet and you’ll keep your defenses strong.

Find time to relax

When you’re feeling psychologically or physically drained, this can have an effect on how you cope with illness. Picture your body like a line of dominos – once one drops the others are right behind it.

Managing your stress levels is crucial to not only have a happy life, but a healthy one too! Persistent stress leads to the body becoming less sensitive to cortisol, a hormone which combats bodily inflammation which can lead to other issues.

The run-up to the holiday season might be busy, but finding some time out for yourself is a good idea. Make sure you get enough sleep during the night and a little time to do the things you enjoy. Even if it’s just a lovely bath and a good book!

Don’t be a couch potato

Exercise really is a cornerstone to healthy living, but luckily boosting your immune system won’t take you endless hours in the gym!

The lymphatic system is a core element of your immune system and is the part which helps to combat toxins by sending infection-fighting white blood cells all around the body. The quicker your blood is pumping, the more effective your white blood cells will be and any form of activity which gets your heart pumping is brilliant just for this.

Anything from yoga to swimming will not only help your blood circulation but also release positive endorphins to the brain, in turn decreasing stress. Even taking a brisk walk has been proven to benefit, so wrap up warm and take a stroll!