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Daily Mindfulness Techniques

Daily Mindfulness Techniques US

Mindfulness is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, despite its benefits being unknown to many. The term is defined as absorbing yourself within the present moment and in that, being conscious and fully aware of it. In the modern day where we are almost consistently hooked up to a stimulus whether it be our smartphones or computer screens, it’s hard to get that distance to dip into this frame of mind which can, in fact, be reached fairly easily. It doesn’t require any equipment at all, just a shift in mentality which if done right can help you experience a boost in enjoyment, well-being and understanding which can help counteract feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. Take note of the following techniques so you too can try mindfulness.

Notice the everyday

Many aspects in everyday life are taken for granted such as drinking, breathing and eating – try paying attention to these things which you may not notice every day. Focusing on this allows your perspective and vision to expand by shaking off incoming thoughts and that ‘auto-pilot’ mode we often find ourselves in.

Of course, you won’t be able to do this constantly, just dedicate a 10 – 15 minute slot in your daily routine.

Try Something New

This doesn’t have to be as drastic as it sounds – the ‘something new’ can be something as simple as taking a different route to work or walking instead of getting the train, heading to a different spot on your lunchbreak or sitting on another side of the bus. Placing yourself in different environments helps you open up your world a little more and with that allows you to perceive certain aspects of life in various ways.

Mindful breathing

This mindfulness technique allows you to deeply attune yourself to the rhythm of your respiratory system – and it’s deeply rewarding because of this fact. The rhythmic nature of breathing allows this exercise to be an immersive experience and you can reach it by sitting, lying or standing in a comfortable setting and channelling all your focuses onto the inhalation and exhalation of breath. This is a particularly effective exercise for those experiencing feelings of stress as the desired outcome is to reach a temporary absence of thought – this allows you to have space from particularly trying situations.

Mindful listening

Mindful listening can take place in the company of silence or your own music choice. With mindfulness, the goal is to immerse yourself in your environment and stimulus without prejudice as this is a preconceived thought and therefore not the present. Music is an amazing way to explore the world of mindful listening, when trialling it try to attune yourself to each instrument present in the track discarding any preconceived thoughts on the genre of music or artist. In doing this, you will enjoy the pure sonics of the music and will subsequently enjoy a wholesome experience.

A wholesome and happy lifestyle will surface in the practice of mindfulness and the maintenance of a nutritious and healthy diet. Explore the Healthy Living and Dietary Needs categories to uncover more pointers on improving your wellbeing.