Natural Balance Foods

Feeling good! Foods that make you happy and healthy

Good Mood Foods

Did you know that what we eat can have a direct effect on our moods? Yep, there’s a reason why eating tasty and healthy things make us feel good, as well as adding a little pleasure to your everyday life. Here are a couple of tasty foods that nutritionists say help put a big smile on your face - particularly helpful during the Monday morning commute!

Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate can help to improve concentration and increase endorphins, as a result of an increase of blood flow to the brain. Also, if you break off a piece or two during your lunch break, you won’t get the dreaded sugar crash that you might get from other sugary snacks. What’s more, it’s a great chocolate alternative for the upcoming Easter period that comes packed with antioxidants - bonus!


Asparagus is rich in tryptophan (an essential amino acid) and also contains folate, which has been linked to increased levels of happiness. Low levels of folate have been known to contribute to depression and lethargy, but by eating more asparagus you have another shot at nutritional happiness.

Protein Bars

Protein bars and snacks such our Eat Nākd Crunch will help improve your mood, control appetite and provide an energy burst as they are bursting with protein rich soy pieces and tryptophan. Protein helps to increase your serotonin (a happy hormone!) levels and also contains essential amino acids.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are a top source of selenium which can help reduce depression, anxiety and tiredness, making you feel on tip-top form. They are also a great on the go snack and just eating three a day can help towards your recommended daily amount (RDA) of selenium.


Iron is a really important part of any diet as well, so take a look at our article on five must-have Iron rich foods for some ideas on getting your essential nutrition.