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Freeing your mind of stress

Stress Relief

In our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles it can be hard to find time for some personal relaxation in order to clear our minds and prioritize our thinking. Now that we take the Internet with us everywhere we go on our phones, we are never far away from being connected to work and social pressures. Learning to free our mind of clutter is an essential part of keeping stress free and living a healthy lifestyle, but too many of us just don’t take the time to try.

Well, why not have a go at the following tips and see how you get on – you might be surprised!

Let things slide

All too often our minds become rigid in their thought patterns, and emotions like anger and worry are triggered with the slightest nudge. At the time it can be very easy to justify getting mad at a situation, but what’s harder is properly assessing what’s in front of you and dealing with it in the correct and most respectful way. Next time you’re stressing over a messy coffee table or missing shoe, why not take a step back from the situation and realize it’s not actually a big deal!

Take your time

With so much happening in our lives it can become almost natural to process or make a decision on the spot without actually thinking about it. How often have you agreed to something but later regretted it? Taking some time out to yourself to slow down and properly think about things can help to make sense of a situation, prioritize it within your life and ultimately decrease stress levels.

Hit the hay

If your mind is on other things it may be difficult to get to sleep, but believe us when we say you’re better off trying, rather than getting no sleep at all. A lack of sleep can impair your cognition and decision making, and when trying to make pressurized decisions, this can only lead to more stress and future problems.

Take a deep breath

We might do it every day to stay alive, but there’s a big difference between our everyday inhalation, and the benefits of deep breathing exercises. Concentrating on long, deep breaths can banish away stress, decrease anxiety and even help body aches and pains. With such amazing calming effects its little wonder why the exercise is used so centrally in meditation and yoga.

Get it written down

Writing down your thoughts on paper may seem like a clichéd way to help clear your mind, but the truth of the matter is it really does work! Sketching down your thoughts and feelings every so often can help you visualize your current situation and better deconstruct your thoughts and concerns. Keeping up with that personal diary may not be too bad of an idea after all!