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Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

Why Owning Pets Are Good For You - Natural Balance Foods

The excited greeting of a pet when you turn that key in the door is a feeling second to none - the joyful pounce of a bounding pooch or a cat nestling itself alongside you on the couch. Along with all the playful and fantastic company of a pet, there are a number of mental, emotional and physical benefits. Here’s a rundown of a few…

Stress Relief

Our furry friends are incredible stress relievers, after we’ve turned that key in the lock playing and cuddling with your pet makes all the worries of work or day-to-day life disappear. This is a physical and biological process – interaction with an animal fires up your dopamine and serotonin levels giving you a joyous and relaxing sensation.


You’re likely to find your social interactions and skills rise in the company of a pet. In dogs especially people love a quick exchange in the middle of a walkabout in the street or park, especially fellow dog owners. The presence of cats and dogs harness therapeutic qualities helping people with social anxieties to improve their ability to socialise and bond with people.

Prevents allergies in children

There is evidence which proves that children growing up in a pet occupied household are less likely to develop allergies to animals in later life, as opposed to those who grow up without them. This building of tolerance can only occur in children, owning a pet with an animal allergy as an adult will not have a reversal effect.

It’s amazing fun!

Pointing a frantic laser light for your cat to chase or playing fetch with your dog is terrific fun. The company of pets welcome a great number of laughs and entertainment in your life, it boosts the mood of people around you also so everybody can win.

They are superb company

This is the fundamental why most people own pets – they are always there when you need them to be. They are an awesome companion to somebody living alone or the perfect company to relax with – that’s all they do which is a beautiful thing, they also don’t ask any questions!

There it is, proof that pets are great! (like you needed it?) If you have the space and means to own a rabbit, cat, dog or bird then they’re great! But if you’re limited on the space front then goldfish still retain these qualities – just don’t cuddle it!