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Healthy ways to spend your lunch breaks

Healthy ways to spend your lunch breaks US

Lunch breaks are a very important part of your day-to-day working life and you should use it to its full potential. If you’re looking for a way to relieve stress, this is one of the best ways to tackle it – it gives you fresh perspective on an issue, it can revitalise you with new energy and keeps you healthy day-to-day.

Start by analysing your own work break patterns then read these 5 tips to improve them.    

Get Creative

From time-to-time we have days pumped full of menial and mind-numbing tasks which only activates certain chambers of the brain, it’s beneficial to mix that up by exercising the creative part of your mind. This can be achieved with some very basic creative tasks which require little resource – all you really need is a pen and paper. Doodling is one of the best ways of engaging the creative part of your brain – the activity has been linked to many positive outcomes including mindfulness, increased concentration and improved productivity.


Conversation is a fantastic means of illuminating and feeding different parts of the mind, particularly if the nature of your work doesn’t involve communication as a main factor. The beautiful thing about a work environment is that you’re surrounded by people from a range of backgrounds with varying personalities that differ from your friends and family. We gather a broader world view after interacting with a wide scope of people. You can set up the perfect setting for socialising by planning lunchtime socials to the bar or local walks. Even though this doesn’t always come naturally to individuals, you will no doubt return to your desk with increased confidence.

Knowledge boost

In a time where computers dominate office jobs, we are often caught in the glare of the computer screen which have damaging repercussions including eye-strain, sore eyes and headaches particularly if the office is poorly lit. Having elongated breaks away from your screens is heavily advised and what better way to do that than escaping the office with a podcast or book you’re reading. Reading itself is a rewarding activity through pleasure but also through the expansion of memory capacity, knowledge and vocabulary. It also distances us from technology and the temptation to flick through your feeds.

Find a new spot for lunch

Many people sit and eat lunch at their desks – if you are one of these people then it’s something worth readdressing for healthy mindfulness and wellbeing. Of course, it’s not always possible to head somewhere else for lunch – we all have deadlines and the weather isn’t always kind to us; nonetheless, you should always at least to get out of the office for a good length of time. New experiences really opens up our minds no matter how big or small as it allows us to view our world in fresh and different ways.

Walking in a green space holds a lot of benefits in terms of relieving stress and if you’re situated near a park then it’s something to definitely take advantage of! There are no straight answers for this, however many studies hint at the presence of floral aromas influencing your stress levels. Read more about this topic here.

Try a different snack or cuppa!

Throughout this article we’ve been constantly referring to changes – even substituting something this simple can help you to form a new perspective throughout your day and offers a chance to make your diet healthier. Why not switch chips for nuts and seeds, or the candy bar for a Nakd bar. One of our latest releases the Nakd Cocoa Coconut bar is the perfect substitute to a candy bar – it contains delicious, sweet flavours but made up of completely natural ingredients!