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How to be confident!

How to be confident

Ever noticed how the happiest people are confident? They always make friends quicker, achieve more and generally make those around them feel good. Confidence is one of the most important skills you can learn to transform your life and attitude but is it something people are born with, or can it be learned?

The good news is, you can be confident any time! Acting confident is a great way to start, and as time goes by, it’ll come naturally as people respond positively. As they say, ‘Fake it till you make it’! Here’s how: 

Good posture

Carry yourself with confidence; you’ll be surprised how sitting up straight with your shoulders back and chin high makes you feel better. Sitting up is also known to reduce stress levels too.

  • You want to make sure your body language portrays that you are approachable
  • Having crossed arms and legs suggests you don’t want to let anyone in, hence people stay away!

Eye contact & smile

This is a big one! Keeping eye contact with people you’re in conversation with shows you are interested in what they are saying. If someone approaches you, smiling suggests you are open for conversation, likeable and trustworthy.

  • Tip: Hold your gaze but remember you’re not in a staring contest, so keep it natural.

Look good

When you look good, you feel good! It’s amazing how getting a compliment about your shoes or clothing can lift your spirits.

  • Dress appropriately – dress in what makes you feel confident!
  • There’s no need to overdo things and dress super-smart every day. It’s more about appearing in control and comfortable with yourself.

Okay now you look the part, what’s next? Thinking confident! This will help you move from faking it to making it:

What do you like? What are you good at?

Is there something you’re interested in, or a talent you think you have? Join a class or explore ways to nurture what makes you different. Being good at something is always impressive and will be great for building confidence. As a bonus, joining a class of like-minded people is a sure-fire way to make new friends.

You are not other people!

One thing we have all been guilty of at some point is comparing ourselves to others. If you catch yourself doing this, remember that what they do has no impact on your own personal growth and you need to focus on yourself. By all means ask them about what they do as a hobby and it might inspire you to try something new.

Being confident is all about thinking positive, and making positive changes. It all feeds into itself and by making a few changes to your life and attitude you’ll be on your way to being one of the confident people. Building self-assurance is a process, not an achievement. Take a deep breath, smile and start thinking your way to a more confident you!

To keep your mood levels up, eating healthily is a good place to start - Try snacking on one of our natural healthy snacks and enjoy some great flavors. For more tips on feeling great, check out our healthy lifestyle section for more ideas!