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How to become a morning person

How to become a morning person US

Do you consider yourself a morning person or a night owl? Some of us really struggle to wake up early for work, whereas others are skipping their way through the early hours no problem. Even though sensitivity to light and genetics play a role in this ability to rise early, there are several methods we can all put into practice to establish a better sleep pattern.

Establish and keep to a set routine 

There’s a very simple equation to follow when we’re talking getting up early. More sleep = better chance of getting up earlier. Adults are meant to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. This can be fulfilled by setting a strict bedtime which will allow you to remain more faithful to your alarm call.

Do you refrain from sleeping up until the latest possible moment? If so, you should set your alarm earlier in order to give yourself more time to wake up. This means you can enjoy a little bit of relaxation before you get on with your day. Unless you live in a house full of morning people, this time can be the most peaceful period of the day; an opportunity to sit back and relax with a coffee or a Nakd bar.

Monitor what you’re eating and drinking

The food and drink consumed in the hours before bed can have a huge effect on the quality of sleep. Drinking a lot of liquid before bed brings on the urge to visit the bathroom and is a persistent disturbance to sleep. Another important consumption to monitor is your caffeine intake – everybody should limit themselves to 300mg of caffeine per day.

Food & drink to avoid:

  • Large meals close to bedtime – this causes stress in the digestive system and can lead people to feel more sleepy and sluggish in the morning.
  • Alcohol – one or two drinks before bed shouldn’t cause any problems but any excessive drinking can cause major disturbances to the REM phase of sleep.

Don’t use your phone right before bed

Are you prone to surfing Instagram feeds and YouTube videos right up until you drift off? This habit is damaging to your sleep pattern. Exposure to artificial light in the late hours disturbs our circadian rhythms; it’s a very prevalent problem in the modern day due to the amount of artificial light beaming from our TVs, tablets and smartphones. Attempt to keep your eyes off the screen for at least an hour before bed – exchange a late-night surf through your feeds for a read through of a novel or magazine.

Find an alarm that works for you

Yes, our smartphones can have a bad effect on our sleep (see above) but they do gift us with a number of different alarms. This allows us to try and test a number of different styles. Some start gently and grow louder, whereas others may be an immediate full volume attack on the senses. Find what works for you and stick to using it. 

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