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How to stay energized throughout the day

How to stay energized throughout the day

The sudden feeling of tiredness and laziness are feelings we all have at some point, while at work or home at the weekend.  Our energy levels can drop low for a variety of reasons, but we have worked out a few simple ways to fuel your energy throughout your day-to-day routine.

Sleeping better helps you feel better

We are probably just stating the obvious fact here; if you sleep better, you feel better. While you’re getting your beauty sleep, your mind and body rest- it reduces stress levels which readies you to take on anything. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day is considered to be a healthy amount and guarantees the surprising benefits of sleep.

Eat healthy and nutritious food

If you’re regularly feeling sleepy or sluggish, it could be a result of your eating habits. The presence of heavy foods in your diet causes a longer digestion time which uses up energy and subsequently leaves you feeling tired and run-down. Break free from your bad eating habits by adding in more nutritious and protein-rich food. Change up your diet by cooking healthy food at home instead of being tempted to buy readymade foods at the store.

If you are consistently tempted by readymade food or always short for time, then you could always stock up on some Nakd Bars to keep any hunger pangs at bay – they’re perfect for keeping at the office for a dip in your morning coffee or as a speedy snack.

Simple exercises boost your energy up

When you’re tired and you feel like doing nothing at all, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get up and get active. However, this process will give you more energy and focus in return, no matter how big or small - try some stretching exercises at your desk or take a walk in a local park at lunch. Check out some more tips on staying healthy in the office.

Keep motivated by staying positive

Our minds are powerful in determining our moods and even influences some of our more physical problems. We should pay more attention to its power by considering the thoughts that may run our minds. For example, if you convince yourself that you can’t do the last 5 reps, your body is going to feel like it really can’t achieve it even though it could with the aid of more positive and motivational thoughts.

How do you get out of that cycle? You simply need to channel more positive thoughts when you’re exercising – check out our simple stress relief tips to have a more positive outlook every day. You could even listen to  a motivational playlist, music has a huge impression on exercise which you can explore in the effect of workout music on performance.