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How To Stay Focused At Work

Man concentrating on laptop

Do you ever feel like your concentration hits a wall sometime during the day? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. It’s a struggle maintaining focus and concentration throughout the entire day no matter how productive you’re trying to be, especially with the number of distractions vying for our attention such as Instagram and Twitter. Although it is so easy to get lost in the world of social media, that isn’t the only reason for your slump in concentration. The diet you keep, the amount of exercise you do, and even the way you work all have an effect.

We’ve delved into these areas to find out how to stay focused and productive throughout the entire day.

The impact of exercise

It’s no surprise that we humans are sitting down more than ever, usually more often than not in front of a computer where we have access to pretty much everything we need via the internet (what’s the need to move?). However, recent studies have uncovered a number of increased health risks that come with the sitting - these are outlined in The Washington Post

With many studies showing that physical activity can contribute to higher concentration levels, it is recommended to include exercise in your routine. In fact a study on Dutch schoolchildren has shown that when their classes were broken up with just 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, not only did they become better at multi-tasking, but also in absorbing information and battling distractions. So why not try breaking up your working day with a little exercise?

Walking & Getting Outside

Sure, it’s easy to say exercise helps concentration, but it gets a little more difficult when figuring out easy workout to do during the day. However, many forget that even a simple walk outside can help your body and mind in several ways, which we’ve pointed out in spending time in nature. Although a walk to work or a stroll on your lunchbreak can do you the world of good, we’ve also mentioned a few ideas to make time for workouts in our healthy eating and exercise for busy lifestyles.

Simply getting up from your desk and moving around the office can contribute to your focus, maybe get up to speak to a colleague rather than sending an email, or take a 5-minute stroll when you get restless.

Standing Desks

It’s time to take a stand with the new standing desks that have become a fixture in many offices across the country. A study in Minneapolis which looked into the effects of using a standing desk over a period of 7 weeks concluded that by the end, workers experienced reduced back and neck pain and an improved state of mind, helping focus and concentration. Other benefits uncovered in the study also included lowering blood pressure and helping metabolism showing a multitude of reasons for you to shake things up and use a standing desk.   

The impact of Diet

The power of your diet cannot be undervalued. The influence it has on your body and mind means that it is important to stick to the good foods at your regular meal times. 

Don’t Forget Breakfast!

To keep you as fully energised throughout the day as possible, it’s a good idea to eat within the first hour of waking up; nourishing your naturally low sugar levels, which in turn boosts your energy levels throughout the day. If you’re always in a rush to get out the door in the morning then a Nakd Protein Crunch Bar could be your saving grace with its no-nonsense natural ingredients and fabulous flavours.

Healthy Snacking

It’s no secret that eating fruit and nuts are the best thing for you when snacking. They contain great properties which are proven to boost your energy and support your metabolism and even for those cutting back on their daily intake, fruit and nuts can satisfy your cravings whilst remaining healthy. We’ve included some wider readings that delve into the benefits of these foods:

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