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Laughter Yoga – Everything it's Cracked up to be

Laughter Yoga

There’s nothing funny about staying healthy, unless you’re doing laughter yoga! Usually associated with inner-peace, zen and calm feelings, this form of yoga takes the old phrase ‘laughter is the best medicine’ to the next level.

Recognized by many all over the world as a legitimate form of meditation, laughter yoga is becoming more and more popular as people realize just how therapeutic it can be and how great it makes them feel. 

Where is it from?

Like many forms of meditation and self-healing, laughter yoga has its roots in India and was developed by a physician by the name of Mada Kataria. At first, it was practiced in public places such as parks where people would congregate and laugh their heads off, probably to the bemusement of passers-by. Before long the idea soon began to take hold, and like laughter itself, began to spread.

How it works

Think about the last time you really laughed – how great did you feel afterwards? Amazing, right? Well this is because when we laugh our bodies produce endorphins which temporarily boost our feelings of happiness and wellbeing. This is how laughter yoga works – we force ourselves to laugh, and soon it starts to happen naturally, giving us those lovely endorphins and leaving us feeling great.

An added bonus is that it gives our lungs, diaphragm and core a good workout as our bodies work to deliver oxygen around our bodies, and may also help alleviate common illnesses such as colds and flu!

So what do you actually do?

If you were to pass by a room where laughter yoga was happening, you would most likely think that everyone has gone mad. Participants are encouraged to laugh, any way they can – and whilst this may seem a little odd or awkward at first, it doesn’t take long until everyone is laughing for real.

Your teacher might ask you to walk around and speak in your own made up babble language, or you may be asked to simply think of the funniest thing ever and let loose. Every teacher has their own techniques, but whichever way they do it, you’ll be coming out feeling light as air and with a genuine buzz of happiness.

We totally recommend you give this a try, even just once. It’s a great experience and you really do come out feeling amazing!