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Making Time for Exercise and Healthy Eating

Making Time For Exercise and Healthy Lifestyles US

A healthy and happy lifestyle takes a lot of work to maintain and usually slips when we’re short of that most sought-after commodity – time. Going out for that run, cooking up that nutritious lunch can often like an impossible task in the midst of a busy lifestyle – well, fortunately, we’re here to draw attention to the points in your daily routine which could be better used for exercise and healthy eating.


Get up earlier

One of the most efficient ways of creating more time is by setting the alarm earlier than usual. Early morning exercising can give your body a range of benefits including the production of endorphins, which when released earlier in the day has a huge impact on the longevity of your energy, focus and productivity in your day ahead.

Workout on your commute   

Is your work/college/school within running or cycling distance? Perhaps you can consider using these as opposed to car, bus or train so you can get your fitness fix in early. This doesn’t even need to be the whole journey, maybe there is part of your commute which has a lovely green space you can cut through. Applying this to your routine not only offers all the benefits of the exercise but also may help you cut down a little on the expense of transport.  

Lunchtime Workouts

A number one rule in exercise is – refrain from overdoing it, so decide whether you’re going to do an early morning or lunchtime workout instead of both. Getting your body working at lunchtime is a fantastic way of providing your body with an energy boost allowing your focus and productivity to carry on long into the afternoon. Working out in the middle of a working day also encourages the reduction of stress in the presence of endorphins which would be particularly helpful on a hard day at the office.

Healthy Eating

Prepare your grub the night before

A number of methods allowing you to create more time is born out of preparation. In preparing food the night previous you’ll not only avoid the task of hunting down a good lunch, but you’ll also have more control over your food intake – allowing you to keep a more watchful eye on your nutrition helping you keep fuelled for the day.

Breakneck Breakfast

You should always aim to eat your breakfast in the first hour of getting up, rather than waiting to eat at your work desk. In doing so, you’ll activate and boost your metabolism which will raise your sugar levels helping you to have a longer stint of energy. There are many great breakfast ideas which you can prepare the night before – for example, why not try out our Tasty Dairy Free Yogurt recipe?


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So there you have it – a bunch of tips which you can apply to your day-to-day life helping you make more time for exercise.