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Rays of Awesome - The Health Benefits of Sunshine

Health Benefits Walking

Everyone loves sunshine! There’s just something about it that makes us feel happy and there’s nothing better than going outside on a beautiful day and enjoying a bright and cheery world. Of course, sunshine is pretty essential to everything else as well – without it, the world would be dark, cold and devoid of life so there’s that to thank it for as well! On a more human level, what is it exactly that makes us so happy to be out there amongst the rays? Well, let’s shed some light on that…

Keeps us active 

You’re much more likely to go out and exercise if it’s sunny, even a nice stroll in the park is better than sitting at home when it’s cold and rainy outside! As soon as the sun’s out, parks and green areas fill up with people throwing Frisbees, kicking balls and having fun! This is also down to our buddy, Vitamin D which you can read about just below!


Our bodies are pretty amazing, and make their own vitamins! When we are outside and getting some sunlight, we begin to synthesize Vitamin D which helps us boost our immune system, keeps our bones healthy and plays a part in our overall wellbeing. This explains that when people stay indoors too much, they may feel lethargic and be more prone to illness and even weaker bones. It doesn’t cost anything, so get out there and make some real sunny D!

The world is happy

There’s also the simple fact that a bright and colourful world simply makes us feel better. This could be down to the link between psychological health and our physical wellbeing. Hearing the birds sing, seeing vibrant plants and all the happy people really has a strong positive effect on how we feel. Smile and the world smiles with you!

We could go on and on about why sunshine is awesome, but you get the idea! One important thing to note is that if you are heading out to catch some rays, make sure you have enough water and a hat for when things get really heated!