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Switching off: are you addicted to your phone?

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With so much of our lives and work concentrated on digital services, we may sometimes forget to acknowledge the huge benefits that come with unplugging from technology. Although initially it may seem difficult, a digital detox of any kind can do you the world of good.

With 61% of Americans admitting to being addicted to the internet and their devices according to Digital Detox, we sometimes forget the wonders that lie beyond the digital world. As this becomes more apparent, an increasing amount of people have now begun to go on a form of a ‘digital detox’ which consists of relaxing their relationship with tech or having a respite from it. their relationship with tech Although studies are still exploring the benefits of going on a digital diet, we have found some incredibly effective reasons why you should take part too!

Being 'in the moment'

There is no denying that technology has gifted us with the ability to access infinite streams of content anytime, anywhere. However, in doing this, it has in turn had an effect on our attention span and ability to focus for long periods of time. Unplugging yourself from your digital distractions will allow you to engage with your surroundings and be grounded in the moment, which is great when trying to improve concentration levels. So whether your time away from the screen is done whilst attending a social event or travelling alone, or even a walk at lunch, immerse yourself in the experience, put your phone on silent and engross yourself with your surroundings. Learn more about how to improve your concentration here.

This can also be a great gateway into practising mindfulness and reconnecting with the world around you. In doing small mindfulness activities such as mindful eating or breathing, you develop an awareness of your thoughts and feelings as they happen from moment to moment. Have a further read on everyday mindfulness techniques here.

Improved Memory

With our smartphones also doubling as a place to store information, we have begun to allow this to serve as our long-term memory, which has, in turn, had an effect on our ability to retain information. Studies show that when faced with a question, people are primed to go online to find the answer and have a lower ability to remember the information; rather they remember where to access it from instead. In order to ensure you exercise your long and short term memory, it is definitely worth shaking off your reliance on technology and instead discover other methods of gaining information to better exercise and improve your memory.

Better Sleep

Our body clock is a crucial and fragile aspect of our everyday lives, it is important to ensure that we do not disturb our circadian rhythms. We tend to do this particularly in the evenings in the hours before sleeping. With the Artificial lights come from our phones, televisions and tablets, tricking your body into thinking it is daytime, this causes our appetite for sleep to become confused and thus imbalanced. When trying to undergo a digital detox, or diet of any kind, it is worth starting your digital usage cutback in the evenings to help regulate your body clock. Instead, why not have a browse through a magazine or tuck into a good book that will help you drift off and have a satisfying sleep. Discover the wider benefits of sleep here.

Digital Addiction Symptoms

With smartphones a clearly indispensable part of our lives and society, it allows us to keep connected and aware of minute-to-minute news. Part of this convenience, however, can lead us to become addicted to our phones which may have an impact on our mental health. It’s important to keep in touch with the world around you as excessive smartphone use can sometimes lead to depression, anxiety and loneliness, something Erik Pepper, Professor of Health Education found in his studies.

 By making a conscious effort to practice restraint, and instead, devote some of our time to ourselves, nourishing our brains and engaging in exercise as an antidote to digital addictions, we can sooth our mental health and ensure that we appreciate the world around us! You can even go the extra mile and attend a digital detox summer camp that helps extinguish the problems that come with excessive digital usage. Camps such as Camping Unplugged prohibit the use of phones to help you to take a breather from the digital world and enjoy living in the moment.

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