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The Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

A green forest with trees and bushes

How much of your time do you spend outside? A study found that most people in America spend less than half a day outside per week. If you can't recall the last time you spent your free time strolling through a natural spot in a park or a forest then it might be time to start venturing out more.

At Nakd, we adore nature and everything it provides us. That’s also why our products are comprised of 100% natural ingredients; it's just fruits and nuts smooshed together. It’s no surprise, that the amount of time you spend in nature reflects in your health and lifestyle, so it’s important to make sure  you're packing in as much as possible. Yes, you can admire the beauty of nature in pictures and on Netflix documentaries, but you won’t gain the full benefits. Here are a few reasons why spending time outdoors is incredibly beneficial.

A break from stress

The untamed wilderness we call nature has actually been proven to benefit people suffering from symptoms of stress. A study found that spending time in nature helps to reduce a stress hormone called cortisol. In the study, a group of students were split into two; one group stayed in the city whilst other rambled in nature. Lower stress levels were found in students who were part of the latter group indicating that time in the outdoors helps to .  

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It helps you focus better

Regularly taking outdoor breaks can bring some welcome change to your daily routine. As most work in the modern day takes place behind a desk in an office, it's almost inevitable that q distraction will occur at some point leading to lower productivity.

Several studies have supported the notion that engaging in outdoor activities builds your focus.  One of the studies used three groups of people. The groups had a task of proofreading, but beforehand they were given different activities; one group took a walk in the city, one walked out in nature, and the last one stayed indoors. The group that took a walk in the nature performed better on the task. Another study based in Finland found that students who took part in outdoor activities achieved stronger academic results than those who didn't. 

It could help to boost your immune system

The human immune system gets stronger as it is challeneged meaning that staying in one kind of environment all the time can have a detrimental effect. In Japan, a study unearthed some breakthrough findings which suggests the number of white blood cells increased in adults after a weekend getaway in a natural spot. These white blood cells are integral to maintaining a strong immune system; they get rid of antibodies and diseases. 

It has a positive effect on physical health

Everyone is aware of the fact that walking, jogging and cycling outdoors in nature has an incredibly positive impact on your life. Doing sports outside leads to a heightened dosage of vitamin D from sunlight. The other reason you should move your workouts outside whenver possible is the variety in terrain which makes you work that little bit harder.

Engage in outdoor activities

Hopefully this article has inspired you to get out and get active in nature but it doesn't have to only be just walking or running; there are a plethora of options!

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