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Why smiling is good for us

Benefits of Smiling


Smile and the world smiles with you! What is it about smiling that makes us and those around us feel so good? Flashing a winning grin is a universal language and communicates friendliness, happiness and wellbeing which instantly makes someone warm to you. A happy memory, a good joke, music and beauty are all it takes to lift up the corners of our mouth, but what is it that makes us feel so good when doing it?

Endorphins all round!

When you smile, endorphins are released by the movement of your facial muscles. These nifty neurotransmitters are what make us feel happy and can help lower stress levels. Even if you fake a smile or laugh, these chemicals are still released so you have nothing to lose!

Spread the joy

When you smile at someone you are projecting happiness which may just make someone else smile in return. Think about a moment when you see a stranger with a genuine smile – doesn’t that make you happy too? Flashing the pearly whites can be contagious, but unlike a cold, this is a good thing!

People will like you more

We all want people to like us, and something as simple as a smile can be all it takes. Instead of walking round with a face of thunder, even if you’re having a bad day, people will gravitate towards you more.

Smiling leads to laughter

If you’re smiling, chances are that there’s a good laugh on the way! Laughter brings many benefits to the chuckler including the release of endorphins, a release of emotions and a mini cardio-vascular workout!

It makes you attractive

When people smile, it changes their face completely and makes them more attractive and approachable to other people. For example, if you were at the store and the cashier gives you a huge grin, you’re more likely to come out with a positive feeling. This works both ways, so next time you’re out and about, keep a friendly smile on hand and make someone happy!