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Why you need good posture


Ever sat there and realized that you’re slouching? How about when you’re walking down the street and suddenly feel the need to straighten your back? Forgetting about our posture is an easy thing to do because we are focused on what’s happening around us, but it’s actually pretty important for both our health and confidence - here’s why!

Mental and physical benefits

When we are standing, sitting or lying down, gravity is always at play, weighing us down which is why we need to resist it just a little bit by aligning our muscles and overall structure. If too much pressure is put on one area instead of evenly distributing the weight, this can lead to aches and pains.

A good posture makes you look more confident – Your body language says a lot about you, even to yourself! If you’re hunched over, you’re less likely to feel happy and confident. If you’re sitting, standing and walking up straight you’ll give off a much stronger image.

Improved breathing and circulation – When we are standing or sitting straighter, our lungs and internal organs assume their natural position better without having unnecessary pressure on them. This allows blood and oxygen to flow more freely around our bodies, helping us feel better and more alert.

It’s good for our muscles and joints – When we keep our postures aligned, we are using our joints and muscles in the correct way by not applying unbalanced pressure on them.

Here’s how

Support your back – When sitting down, use a chair that has good, firm support for the back. Don’t lean back too much though, especially when using a computer otherwise you’ll end up craning your neck forward. If you are going to be sat for a while, try to get up every 45 minutes or so to limber up. If you’re feeling fancy, footrests can help reduce the strain on the backs of your legs.

Shoulders back – When standing, try to keep your shoulder up and relaxed, with your abdomen and back pulled in. Your feet should be about a hip’s distance apart and your weight evenly balanced across both feet. A good way to test your posture is to stand up against a wall and see if you still have too much space between your lower back and the surface.

Mattress matters – For sleeping, you’re going to want to invest in a good mattress. Sometimes they can be expensive but if it’s something you use every single day, it’s worth it! A good mattress needs to be firm, otherwise you will sink in, putting more pressure on your neck and back. The same goes for your pillows.

So there’s all you need to know about posture – We bet you’re sitting up straight now!