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Why You Should Eat Acai Berries!

What is Acai and why is it so Amazing?

They might be a fairly recent discovery to healthy eaters but acai berries are far from being a fad! South Americans have used these little beauties for several hundred years and it’s no surprise why; acai berries have a variety of benefits for both inside and out of your body.

Any food that comes from a tree nicknamed the ‘tree of life’ must be pretty good for you right?  Well that’s just where the acai berry comes from, with the tree having the potential to grow a whopping 15 meters high. Acai berries (pronounced ‘ah-sah-ee’) have a deep purple glow - indicative of the health benefits that lie within It’s rich exterior – and believe it or not their taste has been described as a combination of chocolate and berries! So why exactly are these berries so brilliant? Let’s find out…

Promoting a youthful look

Everyone wants to look a little younger and eating acai berries might just help out! These purple wonders are thought to aid the prevention of free radicals that accumulate in our bodies as a result of environmental pollution and unnatural, processed foods. Free radicals contribute to premature aging therefore the fewer the better!


Chomping on a handful of acai berries raw is the easiest and undoubtedly the nutritionally beneficial method of consumption, but the real beauty of the berry is the vast array of other delicious ways to use them. Try mixing them in oatmeal as part of breakfast, blend them into a smoothie or even just drink with water. The primary power and goodness of acai berries comes from their flesh, so if you’re looking to get the most benefit from them, make sure to eat them raw.


If you’re looking to detox and cleanse your body then acai berries are a must have to include in your diet.  A member of the same berry-family as cranberries and blueberries, acai berries have very high antioxidant levels and have been used for thousands of years to help cleanse the body of any contaminants.

Full of fiber

Another brilliant benefit of acai berries is that they’re rich in dietary fiber, helping to keep the digestive system clean, fully functional and rid of any unwanted waste that our bodies don’t need.

Increased Energy

There are tons of different foods that can boost your energy levels, however very few impact the body in the same way acai berries do. As a pre or post workout snack acai berries can help shorten your recovery times, boost your stamina and help you focus throughout the day.

So there you have it – Acai berries are great! Go grab a bunch and munch yourself healthy!