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Work-Life Balance Tips

Work-Life Balance Tips US

Technology has gifted us with an insurmountable amount of positive things. We can pull up a cute cat video at a moment’s notice, or investigate a new workout that your pal mentioned in passing. We have a constant access to everything, whether that be our personal or professional lives which can be become a little blurred from time to time.

When you throw socialising, life admin and exercise into the pool of activities in your day-to-day it can be difficult to balance everything even though we want to put 100% into every aspect of our lives. For this reason, attaining a strong work-life balance can be perceived as a very tough alchemy. Luckily we have a few tips for you to take a step towards achieving a better work-life balance.

Organisating and prioritising

Do you find yourself working beyond the 5pm mark frequently? There’s two things that should be questioned if you do find yourself in that situation – it’ll either be a result of too much workload or a question of your work ethic. An unmanageable workload needs to be brought up with your boss where you should discuss resources and staff. If it’s down to your work ethic then you could organise and prioritise your tasks in order to get your work completed.

Prioritising is the key to many work-related issues. Place your most time-sensitive and in-demand tasks at the top with ongoing and less important tasks at the bottom. A good way to approach your work is to remind yourself that you’re only paid for the hours you work, so be strict with your timeframes and don’t let your work life overtake your personal life.

Another positive approach is to prioritise your personal life like you would your work – resting time with friends and family is more important to your health and wellbeing.    

If you find yourself prone to stressful situations during your working day on a frequent basis then you should think about employing some daily mindfulness techniques to keep yourself collected – they’re easy exercises you can perform on your commute, at your desk or on the way home.

Restrict your access to work emails

If your personal smartphone or tablets are installed with access to your work emails and documents, you should consider putting this out of reach. Whilst this isn’t always possible during busy periods or when there’s a fast-approaching deadline, this should be avoided in the general day-to-day. Your mind should be focussed on spending time with loved ones, your passions/hobbies and relaxing. The desire to take a look at your emails usually comes from boredom or anxiety, by putting your access out of reach you won’t even consider it to be a possibility.

Lay down the ground rules early on

On starting a new employment opportunity, we are naturally eager to please – this is obviously a positive thing but overdo it and you can pull colleagues and management into a false impression of your work output. You don’t want the expectation of your colleagues to be greater than your capabilities – it can pull you into a cycle where everybody is worse off. This point depends on your passion for the job but make sure you are not taken advantage of.

Control your inner perfectionist

In many cases there is potential for more and more work on a project or task – an idea that our inner-perfectionist holds on to. In times such as these you need to become familiar with the act of leaving your work at the best state it can be in the time given. Perfectionism can bring on unnecessary stress due to its potentially never ending pursuit for satisfaction. If you feel you have done your best, be good to yourself and move on.

Don’t be a ‘yes’ person 24/7

As much as we’d like to be, we’re not superhuman and therefore are not capable of doing absolutely everything. If you are asked to complete a task in the middle of juggling several others, don’t feel obliged to say ‘yes’ straight away without considering your own workload. It’s a good thing to help out your boss and colleagues when they’re struggling with something but if you think your work will suffer as a result then ‘no’ isn’t a bad thing. We all face busy periods from time to time but if your free time is consistently taken up by those ‘yes’ tasks then you need to put yourself first so you can create more of an order and balance.

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