Natural Balance Foods


Orders and Delivery

Where can I purchase Nākd products?

Our wonderful Nakd bars are now available in select stores in NYC and the Bay Area. Take a look at our latest store list to find your nearest store. You can buy the full US range (including those in the Grocery Store Range) right here on our website! Keep an eye out, we'll be coming to a store near you soon!

If you live in Canada, you're in luck!  We don't deliver to Canada via our webiste, however Nakd bars can be found in lots of major retailers across the country, find a store.

Do you offer any discounts on your online shop?

We sure do. Please check our website for the latest promotions on our Nakd goodies. And remember to sign-up to our newsletter to receive exclusive offers, promotions and competitions!

I have a voucher code, where do I enter this on your online shop?

Lucky you! You can enter your voucher code on the Your Basket page of our online shop. Enter the voucher code click Submit Voucher and your discount will show on your order summary on the Your Basket page. Please note that you may only use one voucher code per order and the voucher code is case sensitive. Voucher codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Do we charge delivery costs and is there a minimum order?

Delivery is FREE for all orders of $25 and over! Otherwise, the delivery charge is $6. Delivery is available to all US Zip codes.

If you're new to Nakd, you can use the code 'SAMPLER' when you order a 'Nakd Sampler Box' to get Free Delivery on your purchase. You need to enter the code SAMPLER to the voucher code section in the basket. 

Please allow 7-9 working days for delivery all orders. 

Do the parcels require a signature?

No. If you are not available to take delivery of your order, a card will be left notifying you of who to contact to rearrange delivery. If there is no response to the card, your order will be returned to us. Alternatively, if you are not available to take delivery of your order our courier may leave your parcel with a neighbor; again they should leave you a card informing you of where to collect the parcel from. Please enter your email address when checking out and our couriers will send you the tracking information for your order by email.

I live close by or am driving past Natural Balance Foods Ltd. Can I pick up my order rather than have it delivered?

Unfortunately not, all orders need to be processed through our online shop and dispatched through our systems please as we are not a “real shop” at Natural Balance Foods Ltd.



What’s so special about your bars?

Our bars are fundamentally different from 99% of the bars out there. Our ranges of bars are 100% natural and enjoyably tasty – we don’t need to add any nasty sugary syrups or mysterious additives to make them taste great. The bars are low in saturated fat, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Nearly everyone loves them and they’ve won loads of taste tests.  If you're new to Eat Nakd, find out more here.

What are the ‘natural flavorings’?

The natural flavorings are simply all-natural flavors such as spices and extracts from ingredients like strawberries, raspberries, bananas, apples, nuts, cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, peanut, etc.

What type of nuts do you use?

All of our bars contain nuts, but the type of nut(s) used varies for each product.  All of our bars contain one or more of the following: almonds, pecans, cashews. They‘re bursting with good stuff! Our Nakd Peanut Delight bar contains PEANUTS.

Is it possible to mix and match products?

Yes, we’ve already thought of this! You can purchase mixed boxes from our online shop. These are specially pre-packed as per the description online, which allows you to try variety of our products before you buy a full case of your favourite flavor. Please note we are unable to substitute different flavors though.

How come your bars have such a good shelf life?

There are two big reasons why our bars have such a good shelf life. The natural fruit sugars act as a natural preservative, this is why for example dried fruit or natural jams can last so long. We also use extremely high quality well sealed packaging that doesn’t let in any air and keeps the bars moist and yummy. For our online orders we aim to provide you with at least four months shelf life on all products.


Nutritional and Dietary

Are your ingredients Fair Trade or Organic?

Currently we do not source Fair Trade or Organic ingredients. This is mainly due to production costs and the difficulties of sourcing these ingredients, it is tricky to tick all the boxes and keep the prices reasonable enough for our customers. We are working hard to find a way to use Fair Trade and/or Organic ingredients in the future.

Are your bars suitable for diabetics?

Our bars contain no refined sugars or syrups and are relatively high in protein and fibre, but it is down to your individual dietary requirements if our products are suitable.

What is so bad about glucose syrup and refined sugar?

Most other bars use glucose syrup and refined sugars which are like the rocket-fuels of sugar. They hit your bloodstream very quickly. This means they contribute to a quick burst of energy and an equally quick crash, which leads to sluggishness and increased appetite and cravings - not good for most people. The sweetness in our bars comes naturally from the raw fruit.

Where can I find nutritional information about your products?

On our website the nutritional information is displayed on the each product page, simply click on the product you want more information on.

Are all your products gluten free?

Yes all our bars that we sell in the United States are gluten free - yippeeeeee!

Could you tell me the GI of your Nakd bars please?

It is our expectation that they will come out as low to medium GI. The dates have a high GI, but everything else is low to medium, with a good amount of protein and fibre. That is certainly supported by evidence and is the view of the nutritionists we have discussed it with. Proper GI testing has to be done on a fairly large sample to get the best results, and is quite expensive.

Do you use raw cocoa powder?

For health and safety reasons we don’t use raw cocoa powder at the moment because of the challenge of finding a quality, consistent and affordable supply. We use cocoa powder from a roasted cocoa bean.