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Nakd Cocoa Orange Bar - 18 Bars

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Nākd Cocoa Orange bar is one of our most popular bars - delicious, satisfying and refreshingly natural – its awesome chocolate orange flavor is a favorite with the Nakd community. Imagine a sweet, zesty orange and a sprinkling of rich cocoa and you’ll have some idea of what we mean. The most surprising thing about this bar is that there are no sugars or sticky syrups added to enhance its taste – what you get instead is a yummy combination of fruit and nuts, gently smooshed together into a handy bar shaped snack.

Want to eat Nakd?

You can buy a comforting case of Cocoa Orange bars right here on our site, at a great price along with all our other yummy nakd flavors. We think you’ll love them as much as we do!

What people like about Cocoa Orange

“It's not often I get excited about a product - but one of my friends recommended the Nakd Cocoa Orange bars to me recently, and I have just had my first one. I am on a mission this year to explore and eat more healthy products, and this more than satisfies my chocolate cravings! It's so much more healthier than my normal chocolate bar (and much more filling), but still so chocolatey and yummy and makes a perfect treat!! Wow... I'm really looking forward to trying the rest of the range now too!” Heather

What’s in Nakd Cocoa Orange?

Our Nakd Cocoa Orange bars are full of the goodness you’d expect from Mother Nature – any more natural and you’d have to peel them! Happily, Cocoa Orange is also free from the additives and artificial ingredients that are added to other bars on the market. Put simply that means nothing but dates, cashews, raisins, real cocoa and a pinch of natural flavors are used to make it.

Interested in stocking Nakd Cocoa Orange bars in your store? Click here. 


Lots of lovely natural ingredients go into Cocoa Orange, but people with special dietary needs should know that it’s also:

  • Dairy free
  • Gluten and wheat free
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Low in saturated fats
  • No added sugar
  • Kosher
  • GMO Free
  • One of your 5 a day!
  • Deliciously simple! 


Ingredients: Dates (40%), CASHEWS (40%), Raisins (14%), Cocoa (5%), a hint of natural flavoring. 

Allergy Information: may contain traces of soya, peanuts, other nuts and the odd shell or pit piece :)  

Typical values per 100g per 35g bar
Energy 415kcal 145kcal
Energy 1736KJ 607KJ
Protein 11g 4g
Carbohydrate 45g 16g
(of which sugars) 39g 14g
Fat 20g 7g
(of which saturates) 4g 1g
Fibre 6g 2g
Sodium 0.1g 0.1g

* Contains only the naturally occurring, unrefined sugars found within fruit.

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