Natural Balance Foods

Customer Comments

"About a year ago my friend bought one of your chocolate nakd bars and let me try a bit. I LOVED IT!!I kept them secret from my children so I didn’t have to buy three when I went out shopping. Unfortunately that didn’t last long and my children got hooked! I made my first order with you last week and included in my order was a free sample of the berry cheeky bar, my son and I shared it and we both said, ‘mmmmmmmm’ at the same time. I have now had to order again from you, this time a box of these as my son is taking two to school now. Thank you for making yummy bars for us to eat"


"I have just tried your cocoa mint flavour nakd bar and it is one of the nicest things that I have ever tasted. And no flipping milk either. Fantastic. Thank you so much. I will be buying many many more"


"I knew I liked everything about Nakd – but now I just love you all!I will tell all my clients how great you are and how fab your products are! Loads of thanks"


"To Whom It May Concern, received my trial pack of new nakd bars today, I only ordered them yesterday-Excellent customer services. I ate the cocoa orange today and LOVED it! It was like chewy terry chocolate orange (without all the rubbish added in).Thank you so much for enclosing 2 free trek flapjacks. It’s very kind of you. Will definitely order again and direct from you."


I don't email many companies to express my satisfaction (redwood an
example) but this time felt moved to feedback how delicious these bars are. They taste too good to be good for us : ).  Only discovered them this weekend when buying portable snack foods for a 2 day Nordic walking session and my husband & I are both converts.
Keep making them, please!  


"Thank you so much for my order which arrived today. I am really looking forward to starting on the Nakd Chocolovers Mixed case. Nakd Cocoa Delight is my favourite flavour but I love all your bars."


"Dear Nakd Team,I have just had the pleasure of tasting your Nakd Cashew Cookie bar and it is absolutely yummy and scrummy (I have a Cocoa Orange to try next!!). I was in my local Co-op and wanted something "nice" to eat as a treat and being a Coeliac its always difficult but then I cam across your wicked Nakd bars and I am now hooked (will be looking out for other flavours when I go to my local Tesco - if not I shall order a huge box of the website!!!)."


"Received my goody bag with 4 flavours inside, whoopee!
Missed breakfast this morning - thank goodness my goody back was at work and had 'Ginger bread' for breakfast - delicious!"


"Dear Sirs, Today I purchased my first ever nakd product and I just felt I needed to write and say how delicious your 'cashew cookie' bar is (or was) !!This was so flavoursome, and I know packed full of goodness (rather than nasty preservatives), which definitely satisfied my sweet craving, naturally. I'll be buying this product again without a doubt. Well done for producing something so tasty!"

Ms Walker

"Dear Nakd,Thank you so much for making such a lovely product, the cocoa orange bars are truly delicious, but all of your bars are lovely. During an illness they were something I was allowed and it was just such a lovely treat. Thank you and keep up the good work!"


"Hello, I’ve recently been diagnosed with a wheat intolerance and was looking for a snack bar which would suit my new wheat-free lifestyle! I stumbled upon the Cocoa Delight bars in my local Sainsbury’s and I was very pleasantly surprised! The Cocoa delight bars are just scrummy – I especially like the bits of cashew!"


"I received my mixed choco box of Nākd bars and was chuffed to bits with my freebies, thank you soo much!"


"Hi there Just wanted to say how great your Nākd cocoa delight and berry bars are. They are so tasty and better than my usual chocolate and snack bars. They are also perfect for my wife who is gluten intolerant. We will deffo be spreading the word on these healthy snacks. Just thought credit where credit's due. Keep up the good, wholesome work"


"Hello there! I have just become aware of the delicious wonder of Nākd Bars and just wanted to let you know how much I love them! After a lot of health problems over the last year, I had to change to a low sugar and wheat, dairy and gluten free diet. I feel much better on it and have a lot more energy, but I was struggling to find healthy, easily portable snacks for when I was out and about. Then I discovered your bars recently in my local Sainsbury’s and they are just fab, they keep my energy levels just right and are absolutely delicious to boot! I have tried most of them and my favourites are the Gingerbread and Cocoa Delight - seriously yummy! My glove compartment in the car is chock-full of them! Thanks for creating such wonderful products and I wish your company every success - keep up the good work! :)"


"Hi,I just discovered the customer comments section on your website and thought I would send a little message to show my appreciation. My local supermarket at home stocks the berry cheeky nakd bars which I have been a fan of for a while now. However, upon moving to Bath for university, I discovered that the campus supermarket stocks a variety of the new flavours inluding cashew cookie, gingerbread, cocoa orange and pecan pie....I immediately bought one of each flavour and loved them. However, it was the gingerbread one that really appealed to my taste buds the most. This bar is AMAZING, so moist, flavourful, not to mention totally healthy and nutritious! To me, it tastes like Christmas in a bar. I bought a box online with the intention of making it last the year, though I have already eaten most of the bars in the box, they are just so delicious! I have been recommending you to my friends who have started following my example and buying a nakd bar from the campus shop to snack on in the break during our 2 hours lectures. They too can't get enough of you!
Keep up the good work!"


"Please don't ever stop making Nākd Cocoa Delight bars : )Thank you."


"I've never sent a consumer feedback email in my life but I just tried the new cocoa mint flavour Nākd bar. Holy yummm!! I've been a fan for ages but this is now my firm favourite. It has pushed cocoa orange out of the top spot –Andrea


I just wanted to say thank you for the 2 freebie bars that you sent with my order. Fantastic quick delivery, your mixed bar box is helping to make my wheat, gluten and dairy free diet achievable-big thanks!


I have just received an email about the discount for Nak'd bars and also advertising the new flavours,e.g. Caffe Mocha and Rhubarb & Custard. These sound so moreish and I can't wait to try them. My favourite flavours for the Nak'd bars at the moment are Cashew Cookie and Ginger Bread, but after reading about these new flavours, I think I might change my mind.
All the Nak'd products are such great value and I always try to make sure I have them at home, for when I want a natural but tempting treat.
Many Thanks to all for such a fantastic product and I will look out for the new flavours hopefully appearing very soon in my local shops.



I am allergic to refined sugar and gave up searching for non refined sugar goodness 10 years ago. When I picked up a Cashew Cookie bar I was skeptical but, after my first mouthful I had to sit down due to the emotional shock on how good it tasted. There was a singular tear of joy rolling down my cheek too. Your products are astonishingly amazing! 

I nearly wet my pants when I discovered that you had a website where I could drown in quad zillions of goodness to choose from and order.

You deserve a noble prize or something similar for making natural products taste so blindingly fantastic! I have tried nearly every one of your bars..

Peace and blessings to you all

A massive fan. Ben 


I have been eating nakd bars--one a day for elevenses for over a year now.  I ordered some recently and tried the Caffe mocha - it's the best!!



Since I discovered the tasty treat thats is a Nakd bar, I know I alwasy have a go to snack that is nutritious and filling.  With so many flavors from which to choose, I never get bored!  I love them all and the most amazing thing is that my 11 year old son loves them too.  He now takes a Berry Delight or Apple Crunch Nakd Bar to school every day for snack.  How can you beat that - a natural fruit bar that is dairy, gluten and wheat free, that packs a wallop of flavor and fits into the whole family too?! As I now say frequently, 'Go Nakd!'


If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm a bit obsessed with Nakd bars!  I love hteir whole line: the oat based raw bars, the regular raw bars, and their newest CRUNCH bars with added protein!  For years I've been getting my stash from a slew of complicated online orders and searches for UK companies that ship to the US.  Well lucky for me, AND all my US friends, Nakd has finalled launched a US based branch of their company!  So now we all have the opportunity to get their amazingly delicious bars whever we please!  Can't wait to start seeing them in stores (hopefully!).  These bars are denser and more firm than larabars and have amazing flavor!  They're made from all natural, simply ingredients, and the texturs range from soft and chewy to fudgy and crunchy!  Love them! I can't wait to see what my friends at the company come up with next!


Discovered these bars on a trip to Scotland last summer and packed as many as we could into our luggage thinking we would never be able to get them again.  We were so thrilled to find them online!  Thanks for a great product! 


Wish I had a picture of my friend's expression when she opened the gift box to 'Hello, Gorgeous!'  I had saved the package intact so that she could see the clever design . . . and then, the surprise greeting popped into view.  Fun!  In her western Washington home the makers of 'Aplets' and 'Coplets' experimented with a health bar, that Mary Lou deems inedible, so she happily snatched a few flavors of nakd bars to savor on her train trip south.

I'm already a dedicated fan, and introducing a favorite snack to a friend brough added joy from your sampler.  Thank you for your most generous cache of treats.  Kudos!  Yours is such an original and effective presentation of a wonderful product.


First I must compliment you on your packaging and marketing.  The shape, size, and natural brown paper box is very appealing and the shape is particularly mysterious.  I couldn't wait to see what was inside.  And the 'Hello Gorgeous' was a fantastic surprise and energizer that made me smile.  I keep it open in my bedroom to start each day.

So far I've eaten all but two bars.  What I especially liked was the moistness without being gooey, as well as the size and crunchiness of those with nuts.  So often bars are too big for one serving and therefore have to be kept sealed.  My favorites were all the chocolate ones, plus the Berry Delight and Gingerbread.  The Mocha Cafe was a WOW!  Number 1 or 10 depending on how you score.  Those mentioned have a stronger flavor than the others.  



Thanks for the shipment of Nakd Bars and for the extra freebies that you included.  They are truly great - so great that in the true spirit of Christmas, I'm not sharing them with anyone, except a few with Carlos, the migrant farmworker boy whom I tutor three days every week.


The bars are a great, quick energy pick me up while studying.  My college friends like them as well so I need to keep them hidden! 


I buy them on a regular basis and keep plenty in my diaper bag.  Since I have become GF it is so nice to be able to enjoy this 'fast food' on the go and I love to give my daughter such a whole food snack. She is my tasting helper and likes the majority of the flavors.  I really love the base ingredients and the date flavor.  It is nice to have healthy options that don't break the bank!